team games with a twisted twist

Bring your team on an adventure of hilarious clue solving as you escape the world you know and enter a new realm of ludicrously twisted mysteries.

act quickly - these pulse racing games are not for the faint of brain. 


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Find your adventure within the secret rooms of England's finest drinking establishments. If you are looking for something different to do and enjoy getting silly with your mates or colleagues, then these games are likely to tickle your tickly bits.


Lady Chastity's

An hour of hilarious clue solving as you attempt to win Chastity's fabled aphrodisiac wine. Win and wet your whistle, or lose and wet your pants.

2- 6 Player Game
Located in London and Brighton

Plumbottom's Magnificent Return

Get a big dollop of mystery at your party with our magnificent portable game. Players are tasked with completing this pulse racing 5 minute mystery.

Game and host available for hire this Autumn.


Unravel the bizarre secrets of Poppa Plock's twisted toys and demented dolls.

Coming this Autumn.

Who can play?

Team up with friends, families, work colleagues, fans of The Crystal Maze, or a more daring date night, anyone who fancies a fat dose of different.



How to play


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