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Escape room London? It’s the new craze, if you have not tried it yet, you are in serious risk of suffering from an acute case of FOMO! Bring your friends, make a team and prepare to embark on an adventure of hilarious clue solving as you escape the world you know and take on two of the best escape rooms London has to offer.

Shrouded in secrecy, full of mystery and jam packed to the rafters with ludicrously twisted puzzles, what is NOT to enjoy? This immersive London escape room experience is a fun fuelled race against the clock with bizarre clues and contraptions, rigged for your pleasure!

If you are ready to go then click the jiggly wiggly book now button and get you to an Escape Room now you brave soul!

Cheaper than a cinema ticket, no Meercats were harmed in the making of the current escape rooms London! More fun than swilling your favourite libation at the pub – but you can do that too! Our escape rooms are based in pubs (I know, epic right?)


So – what is a London Escape Room? That is simple, we lock you and some friends in a room, set a timer and then you have to release the power of your brain flaps, engage your grey matter and solve some riddles, puzzles and clues to unlock the door, make your escape and WIN! There may even be wine in the offing!

If you get stuck, then the escape room gamesmaster will be on hand to offer some hints and directions. The 1 hour you have in the escape room is going to be be one of the fastest hours you have experienced! That steady tick-tock of the clock and regular updates on how long you have left will all add to the challenge for you!

Terrific for stag parties, hen parties, birthday parties, day’s ending in Y parties. Or just for something to do that is quirky and fun, then the London Escape Rooms from Handmade Mysteries are here to douse your dullness and make sure that you’ve something random to do!


Great question – we can see you are suited already to the challenges that may lie ahead! We have Escape rooms cunningly located around London in the four corners of the compass so you are never far away from Lady or Poppa (no, that’s not a euphemism, they are integral to the game, read on to uncover more!)

North London Escape Room – Islington Escape Room

South London Escape Room – Clapham Junction Escape Room

East London Escape Room – Hackney Escape Room

Central London Escape Room – Farringdon Escape room

Each is just a short trip from central London and we are aiming for more rooms and more escape room challenges to be coming to even more venues near you soon!

Did you know, we are THE BEST escape room London? We are, go forth and check out our plethora of 5 star trip advisor reviews. We would love you and your team to add one as well, but you have to play first, so what are you waiting for? Dare you….double dare you.

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