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Handmade Mysteries Escape Room @ The World’s End Pub, Brighton

An Immersive Brighton
Escape Room Experience


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Are you ready to play Brighton’s premier escape room experience? Solve Lady Chastity’s sordid secrets in time to win her fabled bottle of aphrodisiac wine, but hurry, she doesn’t suffer idiots gladly.

Just check in at the bar and our host Gabriel will lead you to the hidden depths of the pub upstairs where Lady Chastity awaits. You will be introduced to the story and given torches before entering the darkened room full of creaking furniture and dusty trinkets.

Described as ‘The Crystal Maze on crystal meth!’ Handmade Mysteries escape rooms offer a more immersive adventure with games brought to life by colourful characters, elaborate story lines and strange contraptions rigged for your pleasure.

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Escape Room at the World's End in Brighton

About The World’s End

In addition to our spine-tingling escape room experience, The Worlds End has three floors of multiplayer gaming joy. Any friends with a competitive streak will find themselves racking up a bewildering scoreboard between them.

The retro arcades offer loads of games that will give any player button thrashing flashbacks. The VR Concept have a four player virtual reality gaming booth to plunge you into games that will make you believe your innards are made of pixels. The radio controlled racetrack has up to 10 players competing for the fastest time, hosted by commentary that could be channelling the ghost of Murray Walker.

The Worlds End is also a well renowned foodie hot spot with a delicious menu from ‘Burgers by Wolfsmouth’, so why not make a meal of your time there and enjoy a bite to eat before you face the challenge. There is also a HUGE selection of craft ale, which could give players the edge or push them over it! All accompanied by great music to help you continue your night into the early hours.

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Your Host

The World’s End, and its all female team, is led by the charmingly creepy Kitty! Kitty joined the Handmade family in 2017 and quickly earned the nickname of “Gabriel the Mistress”, due to her stern but flirtatious manner when dealing with guests… and anyone else for that matter! Unsurprisingly, Kitty loves all things horror and can often be found in immersive horror events, covered in blood. This makes her a perfect companion for Lady Chastity, so if you meet her at The World’s End, make sure you stay on her good side!

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How to get to this Escape Room


60 London Rd, Brighton BN1 4JE
From the station you need to take sharp left as you arrive along the first platform. Take the set of stairs you’ll see on your right and keep heading straight until you hit London Road. Turn right on London Road and walk for about 5 minutes until you see the Worlds End on your right hand side

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