St James of Bermondsey, London

St James of Bermondsey is the mission base for our immersive AR street game Operation Mindfall. The perfect starting point for a collective mission to save the world from a brain infecting virus – standard. St James of Bermondsey is a lively boozer in Bermondsey London (well, duh!) with crafty drinks and tasty food ready to fire up your spy tingling muscles or give you sustenance for your victorious return. That is unless you fail miserably and decide to commiserate with a cold one instead!

Why choose Bermondsey for Operation Mindfall?

We wanted to run the game in less known areas of the city with loads going on so players get to discover interesting new places as they play the game. Bermondsey was the perfect fit with easy access from the tube, a rich history, gourmet food stalls and bars beneath Maltby Street Market’s railway arches, the ‘beer mile’ an area peppered with loads of craft breweries,  and the cosy pubs, eateries and indie shops lining village-like Bermondsey Street.

More things to do in Bermondsey, London

So, what else can you do in this here parts? We’ll tell you. Aside from the aforementioned beer mile and Maltby Street Market, there are a few hidden gems to discover in the area if you want to make a day, or night of it…

The Scoop in particular attracts both out-of-towners and locals to its free quality events. An outdoor amphitheatre by the River Thames that shows films, musical performances and theatre productions in the summer. You can also visit Tanner & Co, a popular restaurant renowned for ‘having it all’. You can enjoy it anytime of day for breakfast, bottomless brunch, lunch, dinner… Sunday dinner. They also have an epic list of brunch burgers, including a salmon & shrimp burger with wasabi and Sriracha mayo – lavley.  

If you just fancy a coffee then why not have a Fuckoffee? Yes this is a thing and it makes us so happy. Fuckoffee is a less-than-polite indie coffee shop with rude mugs and fantastic cups of joe. Wait till you see their loyalty cards! If that’s not enough for you could head over to Jensen’s Gin Distillery, situated in the beer mile like a lone gin rebel, but one with a cause to revive forgotten recipes. Using only traditional gin botanicals, there’s really nothing new about Jensen’s, and that’s why it’s different. Gin as it should be.

Want more Bermondsey action? Secret London have a fancy list of exciting things to do in Bermondsey.

Bermondsey Spys on a mission

Large group bookings

If you want to arrange a large group event at St James of Bermondsey and throw some spy gaming in the mix, just get in touch and we can sort you right out.

Book your Bermondsey spy mission

There really is nothing like discovering Bermondsey as spys on a mission. Book your street game now to discover things about the area and yourselves you never knew before or find out more about Operation Mindfall here.

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