Plocks Story

Young Sebastian knew no real people as a young human child.

Soon after his father left for the colonies, his mother forgot to take him home during a trip to an abandoned toy shop.

Over time, a new family was built. This family grew to love Sebastian Plock as their father.
His nearest, dearest and queerest was a ventriloquist dummy named Okikokyo. They did everything together.



This brash puppet persona drove the desperate old toy maker to replace his abandoned past by creating…


…A toy that would serve any being’s twisted wants.

After an uncomfortably sharp learning curve, Sebastian was no more.

Now Okikokyo invites you wise and clever folk to complete the great and befuzzled vision of Poppa Plock.

With the help of his estranged wind up assistant Wynne, you can find the truth within Plock’s wonky workshop and his penultimate creation.

Will you choose the path of right?

Or the path of oh so very, very wrong…?