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Operation Mindfall: Outdoor Escape Game

This 2 hour outdoor immersive experience will let you indulge that James Bond fantasy as you and your team of covert operatives use your wits and a range of spy gadgets to unlock clues hidden around the city.

Expect to encounter mysterious characters, solve mind boggling puzzles using the latest augmented reality, and discover a range of physical contraptions and challenges rigged for your pleasure.

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Operation Mindfall is currently featuring in Brighton at our sister company,  Outdoor Escape Games. Click here to go to the website and find out more.

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More about Operation Mindfall

Using the latest Augmented Reality and GPS technology, this pulse raising outdoor experience combines the best elements of our twisted escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt, as you and your team embark on a action-packed adventure through the city.

This fun fuelled team game starts at The Werks in Brighton. Your host, Agent X, will make contact at the named location. They will then provide you with the latest spy equipment and brief you on your mission. Guided by your Agent Device, you will then have 2 hours to hunt down and foil the mysterious terrorist organisation known as Spider Tech.

This game is for adults 14 and over. Games are for teams of up to 5 people. Larger groups can be split into into several competing teams that can play at the same time. If the weather is too poor to play  on the day of your booking we have an indoor option available.

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