Handmade Mysteries escape rooms are escape rooms with a twist. We would use the term escapism rooms, if it weren’t such a bleedin’ mouthful.
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Our Locations

We provide Brighton, London, and other areas in England an escape from the real world by immersing players in rooms shrouded with bizarre mysteries.

Our dedicated game hosts make sure the world you left behind is quickly forgotten, as teams delve deeper down the rabbit hole.

Our Games

These dark and comedic stories go one step beyond your comfort zone with clues from racy and rambunctious characters.

Our games combine the immersive theatre of Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema, with the challenge of escape room games.


Game Rooms

Our game rooms are meticulously crafted to ensure uninhibited fun for all who enter.

We work with artists, interior designers, comedy script-writers, musicians and twisted minds who adore creating stuff that doesn’t exist yet.

Much like immersive theatre, players may interact with their host as they choose, or you may discover other strange encounters just as useful.

Immersive gameplay encourages us to think and act faster, exposing hidden strengths and demons. Are you a team player? A renegade warrior? Buffalo soldier dreadlock rasta?

As a part of the effort to ‘look up’, away from our phones, laptops, tablets and TVs. Our cooperative games take place in real environments with twisted contraptions for a more immersive experience which won’t give you square eyes, just big black round ones.

Described as the ‘Crystal Maze on crystal meth’, our games take you on an entirely new trip. You can escape through the exit anytime you want, with the prize in your hands, or just your head.