Brought to you in partnership with Cluetivity, Operation Mindfall is our newest game, combining the latest augmented reality and geolocation technology to create a truly unique immersive outdoor experience. This pulse raising street game combines the best elements of our twisted escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt, as you explore some of the most interesting areas of central London.

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how it works

Like our escape games, you start your experience at a pub where you're invited to grab a drink and then ask the bar staff for your host, Agent X. They will then introduce you to the game and provide any equipment you need before sending you out on a mission to save the world! 

The mission? A terrorist organisation known as Spider Tech has developed a virus that infects the human brain, giving the terrorists full control over the victim’s mind. You and your team of covert operatives have 120 minutes to find the antidote and stop them from unleashing chaos and destruction across the globe.

what to expect

A hint of the same host-led immersion and irreverent humour with a wide array of puzzles and challenges that are interweaved with the developing story line. Like no other, Operation Mindfall seamlessly combines digital and physical puzzle elements with the more traditional treasure hunt that takes you on a journey to explore, discover and interact with different locations across the city. 

live experience adventure game with an ar twist

While there are many live experience gaming options in London there are few with this fusion of top level actors, gripping story line, digital and physical puzzles and the latest AR technology.

Going way beyond any other street game, your 120-minute immersive mystery tour will lead you to discover areas of the city in a completely different way as you seek out clues at the various locations you go to.

You also get to enjoy your classic Handmade Mysteries pub location before and after the game.

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the story begins at a boozer in bermondsey…

This action-packed team game takes place on the streets of London beginning at your mission base, St James of Bermondsey pub in central London. A lively boozer with crafty drinks and tasty food to help replenish those team playing muscles or celebrate your victory - that’s if you have your wits about you. Otherwise you may be sobbing into your pint in their beer garden and stuffing your face with one of their delicious pies - we’ve had worse days.


We wanted to run the game in less known areas of the city with loads going on so players get to discover interesting new places as they play the game. Bermondsey was the perfect fit with easy access from the tube, a rich history, gourmet food stalls and bars beneath Maltby Street Market’s railway arches, the ‘beer mile’ an area peppered with loads of craft breweries,  and the cosy pubs, eateries and indie shops lining village-like Bermondsey Street.  

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