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Problem solving is a great way to bring people together, which is why our Crystal Maze inspired team building games with a twisted twist will not disappoint. 

Whether you are planning a big night out with your friends and family or looking for something different to do on your next work night out, we have hidden rooms in some of the best pubs in London and Brighton, which means you can also enjoy some bevy’s and a tasty meal on your visit. 



Our top game Lady Chastity’s Reserve is available at all of our London and Brighton locations. When you arrive you will be greeted by our host Gabriel, who will lead you into the dark depths of the pub to Lady Chastity’s boudoir. He will set the scene and arm you with torches before leading you into her chambers, which is riddled with clues, dusty trinkets and rigged creaking furniture.

The ghost of Lady Chastity will have plenty of story’s to tell and Gabriel will be on hand if you need a little help. The aim is to solve the clues to release the sought after fabled wine in one hour.

If you win you get to be smug with the rest of your group as you sip on your reward in the pub.  If you don’t, well all is not lost - you will still have a good laugh and at least you can come back another time to give it another shot. 



Most of our game rooms cater for up to six players, but don’t let that stop you getting a bigger group together. We can setup games on rotation for some healthy competition while the rest of the party enjoy some drinks at the bar.

The great thing about our games is that they are inside some great pubs. There are tantalising menus; plenty of drinks and each of them are located near plenty of vibrant clubs and gig venues.

If you fancy a bit of fun in Brighton, then The Black Lion is one of the top spots for locals with a great pub garden and DJ until 2am. Better yet you are in centre of it all and can enjoy a pub-crawl in the Lanes or hit the beach bars and clubs.

In East London we have a room at the People’s Park Tavern, which also has a crazy golf course for you to play with. Lastly our venue at The Four Thieves in South London has not one, but two games rooms, which is perfect for large groups of up to twelve or more, allowing you to divide and conquer. Better yet The Four Thieves have a retro games room to press your buttons and keep your entertained through the night.




Will your mates be up to the challenge? You can book your game now or get in touch if you have any questions.

Planning an event and thinking big? Then we also have a mobile game or can create customised games for events. I bet no one else has their own immersive escape game to boast about.