Twisted Escape Rooms

Gather your team for an adventure of hilarious clue solving in rooms of ludicrously twisted mysteries. Bestowed with over 500 five star reviews, these pulse racing games are not for the faint of brain.

Described as 'The Crystal Maze on crystal meth', these immersive adventures take place within the secret rooms of premium pub venues in London and Brighton. Your game host will introduce you and your team to a room filled with bizarre contraptions and clues from legendary misfits. Will you win and cry for joy? Or lose, and just cry? 


lady chastity's

Seek out Lady Chastity's fabled aphrodisiac wine. Hurry, she doesn't suffer idiots gladly. 1 hour experience. 18+
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poppa plock's wonky workshop

Unravel the bizarre secrets of Poppa Plock's twisted toys and demented dolls. 1 hour experience. 18+
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Think you've got what it takes to delve in to an hour of the strange and the silly? These immersive escape rooms are ready for your lovely hands, eyes, ears and brains to take on. Burrow into the world of Handmade Mysteries here.