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What's all this about then?

Our games are live immersive experiences. Solve clues with your friends, family, colleagues, lovers or strangers. Working together against a ticking sandtimer. Bring on your wittiest explorer chums if you wish to succeed. You can discover more about each of our different games under ‘games’ on our menu bar.

Where is it?

Our games are based at premium pubs across London and Brighton. We currently have two Lady Chastity game rooms at the The Four Thieves near Clapham Junction, one game room in the The Peoples Park Tavern in Hackney, one game room at The Hope in Farringdon, and another at The World’s End pub in Brighton. Two Poppa Plock game rooms are at the Depot Pub in Islington.

Our street games are based at St James of Bermondsey in London and the Walrus Pub in Brighton.

For more details about our pub locations please go to Find Us.

Will I enjoy it?

Yes, unless you don’t like fun. It is a unique experience and one that will stay with you for a long time. If you are looking for a fun group activity that’s slightly different, this is for you. Read our reviews here.

What are your escape rooms similar to?

Dubbed ‘The Crystal Maze on Crystal Meth’, our dark and comedic tales are the first of their kind. Combining the immersive theatre of Punchdrunk and Secret Cinema productions, with the fun challenges of ‘Escape Room’ games. More like an ‘escapism room’. Players could liken it to shows like The Crystal Maze, The Cube, Saw series, Prison Break, Fort Boyard, The Mole, The Amazing Race, The Great Escape, and Knightmare.

What is an Escape Game?

Wikipedia Def: An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time. If you can remember the Crystal Maze you won’t be far off.

How hard is the game?

Whilst none of our games are easy to win, you do not need any special ‘skills’ to advance through the game, a very basic level of English and numbers should be enough. Common sense goes a lot further than intelligence, and those with strong teamwork and bags of enthusiasm are often the most likely to succeed. We may also throw in the odd clue if you look as though you are about to wet your pants.

What is the recommended number of players per team?

Our escape rooms are designed for around 2-6 players. 2 people is the minimum required. Around 4-5 people is an ideal amount. Your team will have the whole place to your filthy selves.

Our street games are designed for around 2-5 players with 3-4 being the optimum.

Larger groups can split into different teams and compete for the fastest time. Click here for more info about larger group bookings.

How does it work if I want to book a large group to play?

For those wishing to play at our Four Thieves or Depot locations, we have two game rooms operating. This means larger groups can play both game rooms at the same time. For example, a group of 20 looking to play in an evening would split into 4 teams of 5. They would then book both game rooms for 7.30pm and 8.50pm. You can also find out more on our large group bookings page.

For those wishing to play at our Hope Pub, World’s End and People’s Park Tavern locations, groups larger than 6 people can split into smaller teams and play games back to back. For example, a group of 14 people looking to play in the afternoon would split into two teams of 5 and one team of 4. Then play games at 1.30pm, 2.45pm and 4.00pm.

Our street games can accommodate up to 30 players at any one time. For more info about this please contact us.

If you need any further assistance or have any other special requirements, please get in touch and email info@handmademysteries.com

Can I drink?

Of course you can. Especially if you win the fabled bottle of Chastity’s aphrodisiac wine. However, we recommend you keep your senses sharp if you wish to win our games. Players considered too drunk may be turned away.

I have a voucher, how do I redeem it?

Virgin Experiences, Buyagift and Red Letter Day vouchers – please contact our Bookings Team via voucher@handmademysteries.com or call 0207 8673736. Have your product code and pin available as well as the venue, date and preferred to time play ready. Our bookings team will take care of everything else for you.

Handmade Mysteries Gift Vouchers – these can be redeemed via the ‘Book Now’ section. Just select the venue, time and number of players. Enter the code and then follow the booking process to redeem your voucher. If you experience any issues redeeming your voucher, please email voucher@handmademysteries.com

What happens when I get there?

When you arrive at the venue please let a bartender know you have arrived for the game. They will direct you to the host, who will introduce you to the game at the time of your booking.

Can extra people join our booking?

If you wish to have others join your team, give us a call and we can arrange it, but remember each room has a maximum amount of players to ensure fun for all, this is usually 6, apart from our cosy game room 2 at Clapham Junction. Clue fondling is fun with more people.

Who normally plays this?

A complete mixture of personality, ages, sexes and nationalities play live immersive games. Teams can be made up of friends, family, dates, work mates, student peers, travellers and many others. It is a great team and corporate building exercise or a fantastic experience to celebrate a special occasion.

When can I play it / What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours vary from site to site so please check the booking section for each game and venue. If we don’t operate at times that work for you, we do offer private bookings for larger groups, contact us.

What happens if I'm running late?

As our games are live events and generally fully booked your game cannot be delayed and will need to finish at the allotted time. Our best advice is to plan to get there early and grab a drink beforehand. For more information see our T’s and C’s.

Do you accommodate special occasions?

We love a special occasion. All are welcome, be it birthdays, anniversaries, leaving events, hen and stags, or a spur of the moment thirst for silliness. We’ve even had a couple of marriage proposals (they both said yes!)

For more information please contact us and our Bookings Team will be more than happy to help.

Accessibility and special requirements?

Unfortunately only our People’s Park Tavern game has wheelchair access. We will gladly help anyone who needs it. We do advise that at least one member of the team does not have mobility problems. Some clues require the ability to hear and see. You will get torches to search the strange contraptions.

What ages can play?

Players must be 18 years and older as all our escape games as they are based in pubs and have an adult theme.

Players must be 14 years and older for our street games. One or more players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by at least two adults.

What should I wear?

Some of the pubs aren’t keen on stag or hen gangs in costume, so you may want to check ahead if you are planning on staying for drinks.

We, however, love it. Wear whatever you want. If you wear a suit made of tacos, we will eat it. You have been warned.

Will I get scared and am I safe?

Yes you are completely safe. There are mild scrapes of pulse racing anticipation, but this is done in a light-hearted and mischievous way. If you want to leave an escape room at any point, you can. Rooms are monitored by staff at all times. We don’t recommend it for the pregnant or faint of heart.

How much does it cost?

Our prices vary depending upon the number of people in the team – the more players the cheaper the price per person. We also offer cheaper off-peak prices. The best thing you can do is go to the booking section and select the game, time slot and number of people in your team to see the total price.

How do I get there / Can I park near by / What are the nearest public transport links?

The Four Thieves Pub 6 minute walk up the high street from Clapham Junction station. Free parking available at the ASDA nearby. Clapham Junction is 8 minutes from Victoria station and easy from Overground lines.

The World’s End Pub 15 minute walk from Brighton Station. Situated on the lively London Road. Paid parking available on same street but it’s expensive!.

The People’s Park Tavern 10 minutes from Bethnal Green underground, or Homerton overground station. The pub is on Victoria Park.

The Hope Pub 2 minutes from Farringdon tube and train station, on a corner opposite Smithfields market.

The Depot 5 minutes from Caledonian Road tube, one stop from Kings Cross station. Parking available.

The St James of Bermondsey is a 5 minute walk from Bermondsey tube station.

The Walrus in Brighton is 15 minutes walk from Brighton tube station. Parking is available nearby but it is expensive!

Can you make me a game?

Handmade Mysteries work with brands, events and special parties to create specially made games. We create exciting new stories which engage through immersive gameplay. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.

Redeeming your free game from your scorecard

To redeem your free game for a friend email a screen shot of your share to info@handmademysteries.com and your chosen opponent
with the subject title: Think you can do better?!
Your friend will receive one free attempt to do so.

One friend per player / One player plays for free on chosen date and game slot within one month of photo share
/ Friend must be a new player to our escape room games and not registered in our system / Friend must be 18+ to play / Scorecard must be filled in with all scores authentic as recorded by your Handmade Mysteries host in your game.
Feel free to get in touch to find out more.

Any other questions?

Can’t find the answer to your question? Go to our contact page and drop us an email.