customised games for events


We are able to create customised games for corporate events, festivals, corporate events, weddings or private parties. However, this would be a game like no other. Think Crystal Maze with the theatrics and immersive storytelling of Monkey Island. Its fun, it’s challenging and it’s silly, which is why one of our customised games would be a great way to impress your guests and get them giggling for the evening.

Design a Game for your Event

While we prefer to keep our games in the Lady Chastity family, on request for a higher premium we can construct characters and story lines themed around your own business venture or project, which can be particularly successfully for charity and fundraising events.  This could include humorous characterisations of the big boss or simply weaving in elements that will resonate with your employees and guests.

Truly customising the experience can go a long way if you want to stand out from the rest and entertain your guests with something different.

Mobile Game for Private Parties, Weddings & Events

We also have a ready-made mobile game Plumbottom’s Magnificant Return, which has gone down a treat as a festival game, and can be the perfect addition to a private party or corporate event.

Our mobile game is a frantic 5-minute challenge compered by the ghost of Lady Chastity’s bumbling wine swigging lover, Plumbottom. The game comes with a dedicated host and scenic set. There will also be a silly photo opportunity for guests, providing them with a fully immersive experience.

Charity & Fundraising Event Ideas

Our mobile or customised games can be a fantastic way to raise funds at an event in a way that feels effortless and enjoyable for guests. Just imagine their wonderment as they arrive at the spooky setting and the host reels them in for a game. To raise funds guests can pay for their game and we can arrange for instant photo prints that could be purchased. To help customise the experience we could even include a little encouragement from Plumbottom’s ghost to donate to the cause. 

Get a taste for our games and have a giggle

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy the Lady Chastity experience, then it is worth booking a game to find out what we are all about at one of our venues in London and Brighton. Our games can also be enjoyed by two to six players or we can arrange rotational sessions for large group bookings.