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Lady Chastity’s Story

Lady Chastity’s vineyard hosted lavishly swanky banquets.
Infamous among the raunchiest of Barons, Lords, Counts… and the occasional vagrant when she felt like it.

Forgetting young Sebastian in a distant toy shop, Chastity was spun into a blur of rambunctious
spuz parties lubricated by her aphrodisiac wine.


The Lady’s heart throbbed with swollen titillation as a visitor from yonder came with news from her distant lover, the Colonel.

The oddly sudden disappearance of Chastity’s beloved Plumbottom flung her into madness.
And what was sweet turned oh so sour.

In one final blowout, the vineyard was mysteriously set ablaze.
Now, one last bottle of this rare prize remains.

An illusive character named Gabriel holds the key to the Lady’s peculiars, and the path to her sweet premium wine.
Guarded by Chastity’s tormenting ghost.

Gabriel now invites you thirsty and intrepid adventurers to seek out
Lady Chastity’s Reserve

…but will you win and wet your whistle
or lose and wet your pants?