Unusual work Christmas party ideas with a live experience twist

Yes, people it’s time. The ads have begun and the time is nigh. You really need to sort out that work Christmas party but, we implore you, don’t take the easy option and book a boring old meal with DJ and clubbing. Come a little closer… closer still, that’s it - until your eyes are glowing in the glare of our digital stare. We have a cheeky little idea for you…

What about some live experience gaming? Yes son! Actual real life experience stuff that not only gives your employees something to giggle about but also encourages some team building in the process. Okay you can back off now, nobody likes a lurker.

If you’re not sure what that means or where to get started we have some unusual work Christmas party ideas with a live experience twist to help you on your quest.

Operation Mindfall: Live experience with a VR twist

Our newest game Operation Mindfall combines live experience with VR and is ideal for large groups and corporate Christmas parties. The aim of the game? Stopping a terrorist organisation from developing a virus that infects the human brain. You’ll have just 90 minutes to locate an antidote located within central London.

Based at our new game location St James of Bermondsey you can choose to split up your departments into teams of 5 as an icebreaker or go all out in a department Battle Royale. We can also customise the game on location if you already have a venue in mind.

The Crystal Maze: prove your team has the crystal balls


The TV show made a huge comeback recently so chances are that unless your employees have never owned a TV, they already know what it takes to win those crystals. For those that have managed to miss the show (where have you been?) The Crystal Maze is basically a mix of physical and logic puzzles taken on to win crystals.If your crew are particularly active, intelligent or capable of working to a deadline then the London remake of this game could be just what they need to tap into their team spirit.

Word of warning though, while many of your, shall we say, hipster employees may want to take a crack at it, Roy from finance or Tracy in accounting might not want to don a jumpsuit and make a potential tit of themselves. This could be better suited to a specific group or smaller team outing for people you know will appreciate the active challenge.

A Door in a Wall Street murder mystery treasure hunt

A Door in a Wall Street is the brainchild of a band of plotters, producers and designers who create unique immersive murder mystery treasure hunts across London. There are a range of events to choose from that can be exclusively for your group or public events you can tag onto including:

  • The Final Bid - explore Chinatown to uncover the truth about the death of Artie Fackes

  • Murder Most Fowl - Dodge political corruption at a local speakeasy

  • In Case of Emergency - a game designed to fit in the suitcase

All of their games offer a great immersive experience with fun actor-character interactions and site-specific puzzles - a great way to turn your teammates into a quick-witted group of detectives.

Lady Chastity’s Reserve: a haunting pub gaming experience

While the challenges are just as puzzling, if not more obscurely so, our escape rooms are a little different to your standard locked in a room Crystal Maze type saga. All of our rooms are hidden in the depths of epic pubs in London and Brighton and the aim is not so much to escape but to win the wine! Winning.

Our rooms accommodate teams of 6 but can be sorted on competitive rotation for large parties who can spend breaks at the bar or enjoy the other gaming activities available at our pub venues. Some of our venues also have two rooms to accommodate larger groups.

We have been hosting corporate team building days for a while now and all of them appreciate the ‘under one roof’ experience they get at our pub venues, which includes retro gaming, VR gaming, RC racing and mini golf. One of them said:


You can find out more about Christmas party bookings here.

Shake things up for the Christmas Party this year

There are so many alternative things to do at Christmas there really is no excuse to go for the same-old cringe worthy meal and awkward conversation route. Give your employees the opportunity to have some fun, experience something new and get closer in the process with a live experience this year.

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