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21st October 2016

5 Halloween characters perfect for escape games

A good escape room host is immersed in the story, dramatic and a little unpredictable – a quality that we think many Halloween or horror movie characters could pull off. So we asked our team here at HMM, which Halloween characters they think would make a good escape game host. This is the result…


Beetlejuice loves causing havoc with mind games, naughty tricks and a bit of debauchery. Despite his horrific demeanour, he is a loveable character with a unique style that would certainly spice things up a bit for the players.

Let’s face it Michael Keaton would be a fab escape game host whether he was dressed as Beetlejuice or wearing a bin bag.


A wild choice, but this freaky dude could offer a welcome twist for players who want an experience to remember. Creepy he may be, but Papa’s sketch on The League of Gentleman was actually rated 8th and 14th most popular sketch of all time with British audiences, according to The Radio Times.

He’s popular, he’s nuts and he treats everyone like his wife. What more could you want from an escape game host?

3. FREDDY KRUEGER from nightmare on elm street

A burnt serial killer might not seem like someone you want to hang out with in an escape room, but the element of fear will certainly motivate you to solve the clues and get out fast.

He might kill you in your dreams, but there is no risk of falling asleep if he is hosting your game. We could replace his razor knife glove with keys and nifty gadgets for the game. Question is, would you dare touch the glove?


The sneakiest of all the Halloween female characters, Cruella Deville would know how to keep you guessing and probably enjoy throwing in plenty of red herrings just to watch you struggle.

She is cruel with devious ways, but her glamorous style and stern approach could make the whole experience more challenging for any advanced escape gamers.

A bit of advice though, don’t bring your pets along with you to this one.


Squint to avert your eyes from the pins and he looks a bit like Richard O’Brien from Crystal Maze. It’s different, but a bit of body modification could add a certain je ne sais quoi to an immersive experience.

He also has the credentials for escape games having travelled the Earth through his puzzle box, Lament Configuration. Let’s just hope he can reign in his penchant for harvesting human souls. That would be an unfortunate conclusion to a good night out.


There were so many more horror movie characters to choose from, but these made our shortlist. What Halloween characters do you think would make great escape game hosts? Let us know on Twitter @HM_Mysteries with the hashtags #Halloween #escaperoom.

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