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2nd January 2019

New year new you: do something different in 2019

Eat less, drink less, exercise more – yawn. Let’s be honest, the main reason you reach for those extra helpings and gulp down more pints is a desire to switch off and escape your monotonous existence.  Whether you’re reluctantly returning to work or tired of the same faces in the same old places, we have some unique experiences to try in 2019 that will help shake things up and jump start those experience bingeing engines for the year ahead.  

Ride the rapids in London, cause you can!

Friends enjoying a fun, white water rafting experience at Lee Valley Park, London.

If there’s one thing we love about London, it’s the weird and wonderful things you can find around every corner. If you thought you’d have to leave the city to ride the rapids, then you are sorely mistaken my friend. Lee Valley White Water Centre was originally a London 2012 Olympic Games venue that’s now open to the public.

Get your butt off the sofa and peel your eyes off your latest series binge, it’s time to get high-sliding, spinning, hydro-speeding, open water swimming and nose dunking. Sound like a lot of work? They also have a terrace bar & café on hand for some well-deserved downtime. If you’re attempting a sober January, that’s one way to curb your usual craving for wetting your whistle down the local.

Swing about like a Gorilla on a Trapeze

Two girls reaching out to each other like circus performers at Flying Trapeze.

Ever had one of those dreams where you’re actually flying? Well, your dreams could come true in 2019 – Kinda. We can’t help you grow actual wings, but you can learn to fly through the air and turn some cheeky tricks at the Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School Regent’s Park. They run a mix of drop in classes for anyone age 8 to 78, so this also could be a great day out for the family. That’ll keep the blighters quiet for a little bit.

You’ll learn from experienced swingers, and by that we don’t mean couple swapping you scoundrel. If you truly are addicted to flying you may be able to join their weekly frequent flyer and intermediate classes. That’ll get you flying into 2019 with a sense of purpose, even if that purpose turns out to be surviving the experience of swinging through the air at a great height.

Team up for an escape room challenge with a twist

Friends lighting a map to check for possible way out of the escape room

There are so many escape rooms popping up around the UK and yet so many still haven’t crossed the threshold to discover the experience. Whether you’re completely new to escape rooms or craving another hit, we have some great escape rooms for you to try in London and Brighton. Lady Chastity’s Reserve is set in a haunted boudoir and hidden in the depths of historical pubs. The aim of the game is to rummage through the web coated trinkets hidden in the room to solve the clues and win the wine.

We also have Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop at The Depot near Camden in London. The perfect choice for anyone who loves a good scare and nostalgic vibes, the workshop is rigged with vintage toys, melted toys and includes a robotic ventriloquist dummy to guide you through the clues. Not poor dismembered Roy, we love Roy. The aim is to find his limbs and rebuild him back to his former self – that’s one unique way to spend an evening. There are also plenty of great escape rooms nearby that we can recommend so you can continue your mission to experience escape rooms across the city and build an escape team in 2019.

Have a bang at making your own special bangers

Man making his own Bratwurst sausages in a London cooking class

Who doesn’t love a good banger? Vegetarians? They’ve got it covered actually with some vegetarian recipes, so naaa!  This may not have been at the forefront of your mind when you were thinking of doing something different this year, but that’s what we’re here for you silly sausage. Just imagine the satisfaction of squeezing a sumptuous bit of meat in your hands and twisting the skin in perfect unison – eye watering stuff.

The Cookery School in London offers regular sausage making classes where you’ll learn how to fry and bake the perfect banger, which you get to eat with some delicious accompaniments and a beer or glass of wine at the end. Just remember to save us some if you do your lesson before our game, we love a good banger.

Go ghost hunting on the streets of London

Mystery games at St. Bartholomew hospital haunted by ghosts and other paranormal entities.

Image by Alice Dionis

If you’ve ever played Lady Chastity’s Reserve you’ll know that we love a bit of ghostly goings on. On the Paranormal Activity Tour you’ll get to hunt for ghosts, poltergeists and enjoy some strange encounters of the supernatural kind. You won’t just be wandering around ‘ooh’ing and ahh’ing’ no no no. You also get to use their Ouija boards, K2 Meters and Dowsing Rods to uncover the stories of murder, plague pits and the ghosts that linger.

Along the way you will visit London’s largest execution site, the infamous Scratching Fanny of Cock Lane, the grisly end of William Wallace, abandoned gaol cells that housed the world’s worst serial killer and discover the mountains of bodies commuters walk across daily. Lovely stuff. Oh and bonus points, you also get to visit a traditional London Gin Palace on route – we love a cheeky G&T.

Hit the streets and become a spy for the day

Spy friends working together to solve a mind-boggling mystery game

If doing more exercise is on our list this year but going to gym is your idea of hell, street games could be the answer! We recently launched our brand new immersive street game, Operation Mindfall in London and Brighton. Using the latest augmented reality and geolocation technology, this is a pulse raising street game combines the best elements of our twisted escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt. Taking you on an adventure to explore some of the most interesting areas of central London and Brighton.

In teams of up to 5 your spy mission is to stop a terrorist organisation known as Spider Tech from spreading a virus that infects the human brain. You have 2-hours to find the antidote and stop them from unleashing chaos and destruction across the globe. But first, you need to get to your mission base to collect your spy gadgets. Spoilt for choice, you can take your pick from St James of Bermondsey in London or The Walrus in Brighton.

Less New Year’s resolutions, more action

If you want to focus less on what you can’t do and more on what is possible for the year ahead, then make your way through this list of unique experiences. There really is no time like the present to kick off your year with some new experiences.

You can find out more about our escape rooms and street games or find some more tips on New Year’s resolutions in our recent blog on why experiences should be on your list this year.