You ‘AR’ going to love our new game: Operation Mindfall


We know you’ve been on the edge of your seats dreaming of our beautiful faces and those Lady Chastity or Poppa Plock memories. Thinking about us at every turn - even those moments in the shower you cheeky monkey. Well, the day has finally arrived and we can now announce the launch of our brand spanking new game, Operation Mindfall - wh-tsh! *whip crack*. In partnership with Cluetivity, our ringmaster James Addy is keen to get players out of the pub, on their feet and add a little AR magic in the mix, he said:

“What stands our escape rooms apart is the level of immersion and theatrics. Having played other scavenger hunt experiences that, while enjoyable, fell flat in comparison we saw an opportunity to inject the same Handmade Mysteries magic into outdoor AR gaming.”

What is Operation Mindfall we hear you cry?

An immersive treat with a hint of the usual Handmade Mysteries quirks and host led theatrics and an AR twist that will get you on your feet exploring the streets of London. The story line? A terrorist organisation known as Spider Tech has developed a virus that infects the human brain, giving the terrorists full control over the victim’s mind. You and your team of covert operatives need to find the antidote and stop them from unleashing chaos and destruction across the globe.

We giving you tingles yet? Well, your host Agent X might just get that adrenaline rushing. One of our uber talented actors will be taking the helm as your host and breathing down your neck - in a good way we promise. Our Big Brother will be watching, keeping an eye on you every step of the way and checking in to make sure you don’t go too far off track - or buzz off to another pub and give up you lazy lot. You love it.

While there are many scavenger or treasure hunt games out there we are excited to launch one with the host led theatrical elements from our escape rooms and the latest AR technology.

Where do I play this awesome game?

Your dashingly mysterious and astute host Agent X will meet you at our new London venue, St James of Bermondsey in central London. A lively boozer with crafty drinks and tasty food to help replenish those team playing muscles, celebrate your victory or, of course, commiserate your embarrassing defeat. St James of Bermondsey is yet another historical pub to add to our venue portfolio. There’s pies, there’s free WiFi and plenty of craft beers to enjoy in their beer garden.

There’s just something about Bermondsey

We wanted to run the game in less known areas of the city with loads going on so players get to discover cool new places as they play the game. Bermondsey was the perfect fit with easy access from the tube, a rich history, gourmet food stalls and bars beneath Maltby Street Market’s railway arches, the 'beer mile' an area peppered with loads of craft breweries,  and the cosy pubs, eateries and indie shops lining village-like Bermondsey Street.  

What to expect when you get to our new London lair

You start your experience at the pub where you're invited to grab a drink and then ask the bar staff for your host. Your host will then introduce you to the game and provide any equipment you may need before sending you out on a 90-minute mission to save the world! As far as what to expect Operation Mindfall includes a taste of the theatrics and immersion that players experience in our escape rooms with a side of irreverent humour and gotcha moments, but the emphasis is on the strong narrative and a wide array of puzzles and challenges that are interwoven into the developing story line. A side note - comfy shoes, a curious mind, a shifty disposition and on-theme spy costumes are encouraged.


Perfect for large groups and events

We can arrange competing teams on rotation or the bestest thing about our new game is that we can also bring it to you. So, if you have an upcoming event or a large group pulling at your coat for some interesting ideas then we might be able to help. Perfect for this years Christmas party or Heather’s 40th Birthday next month perhaps? Who’s Heather? You tell us.

If you want to go big then head on over to our large group bookings page to find out more or get in touch to get involved.

Stop scrolling, let’s click and play!

Most of us already spend an average of 86 hours a month procrastinating on our phones, so bore off with your incessant scrolling and get ready to experience something new with your mates. You can find out more about Operation Mindfall or go right ahead and book your game now with discount code MINDFALLBEGINS to get 10% off.