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17th May 2019

New Game: Step right up to our Magic Portal

handmade mysteries magic portal 1

You pleaded, we listened. Yes that’s right people, it’s time. We have yet another brand spanking new game coming very soon and, listen carefully, because it’s a doozy. Hot on the heels of our first AR street game Operation Mindfall we bring you our second city adventure game, Magic Portal.

Magic Portal you say? Pray tell

That we shall. Magic Portal is like the weird love child of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and South Park. Unexpected, twisted but very intriguing and messed up – in a good way. In this sparkly new game players are sent on an epic quest to stop an army of creatures that are hellbent on causing mischief and mayhem by closing the portal between our two worlds. Magical indeed. Similar to our award-winning escape room games, Magic Portal combines clue-solving, immersive theatre, and story-telling with our trademark silliness and irreverent sense of humour.

As players progress through the 2-hour game they must work together to unlock clues and overcome challenges hidden about the city.

What makes it a real doozy (unique to mere mortals)?

magic portal2 1

Much like it’s older brother Operation Mindfall, Magic Portal fuses the latest Augmented Reality and geolocation technology with physical puzzles. This in combination with the exceptional talent of our hosts and the real-life characters you will interact with along the way makes the experience truly unique and totally immersive. It’s the stuff of fantasies for Potter fans, cosplay enthusiasts, geeky gamers, escape room fans and ‘know it all’ trivia junkies and puzzle solving nuts alike.

Where is this magical new game?

team games magic portal 1

A fantasy parody that begins in a – wait for it…. a London pub. Original we know, but this isn’t just any pub. The Swan is a beautiful pub opposite Hyde Park, self proclaimed as a ‘gateway to a great day out in London’s most iconic green space’. In this very here public house you will meet our mysterious wizard game host who will arm you will all the contraptions and tools you need for your quest. Our boss man, James Addy, is very excited about the new game, in a recent press release he said:

“In London and Brighton, people are increasingly looking for exciting things to do outside during the summer months. City adventure games are being taken up by escape room enthusiasts who want to make the most of the sunny weather. Having created some of the most critically acclaimed escape rooms in the UK, we were excited to start creating games for this new emerging genre.”

The game will officially open it’s welcoming portal arms in June, a momentous occasion that will be shared on ye ol’ social. So, don’t go turning up to the pub just yet asking to play with their magic portal, you will get barred.

Ready to play with our magic portal?

The game is not yet available to book on our website. In the meantime, you can join our mailing list for updates or get in touch if you have a specific date or event in mind.

Can’t wait that long?

Spy friends working together to solve a mind-boggling mystery game

Book your street game spy fix with Operation Mindfall in London or Brighton to help you brush up on your skills in time for the portal ‘opening’ – see what we did there? You love it. As an added treated, you can also get 15% off this weekend only using discount code ‘MAYDAY’ – winning. Now get to it and start flexing your puzzle solving wizard like muscles.