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16th November 2017

New Escape Rooms in London & Brighton

We are very pleased to announce that the Handmade Mysteries team have been busy creating more fantastic challenges and scenery across London and Brighton, leading to two new locations for our flagship game  Lady Chastity’s Reserve. The Hope in Central London and The World’s End in London Road, Brighton.

Escape Room in London: Climbing new heights beyond the Gin Bar at The Hope

All of our escape rooms are located in the hidden depths of historical pubs, so when the opportunity for a great little bar like The Hope popped up, we knew we were onto a winner. Not only is the area steeped in history, the infamous Fabric nightclub and Smithfields market are also nearby. So players can get their fill of pie and pints before dancing into the night. Sorted.

The Hope is a great spot for Lady Chastity’s Reserve and the escape game host Gabriel is pretty chuffed with the unrivalled gin bar on the first floor. As Gabriel discovered early on, the resident gin expert, Tom, will sort you out with whatever your taste buds desire.

Lady Chastity is also very happy with her new home at The Hope pub, the floor is suitably decadent with beautiful furnishings. From the greatest depths to the highest heights, you will ascend the building to discover Lady Chastity’s Boudoir at this venue. While it may be the same game, we do like to add a twist to all of our new rooms. This one has a couple of exciting new challenges to get players reaching in right or very wrong directions.

Escape Room in Brighton: Joining gamers paradise at The World’s End

There are so many great reasons we have gone for The World’s End as the new venue in Brighton. First off, this end of London Road is fast becoming an artist’s paradise with plenty of creative and gaming opportunities for all ages. Brighton has so many wonderful areas to explore, and the unexpected popularity of this new area has taken everyone by surprise. Just 4 minutes from stepping off the train, there are new cafes, and creative start ups that embody the spirit of Brighton. The new market also hosts a wonderful selection of foods and oddities including ‘Miniature and Moss’ terrarium creators and ‘Potters Thumb’ pottery classes. There’s also another excellent Escape Room down the road should anyone wish to escape binge! Couple Bewilderbox with Chastity to find yourself flung into the past and future quicker than Marty Mcfly. These two challenges are particularly appealing for larger groups who wish to compete for the fastest time.

Then of course there’s the pub itself. The new and improved Lady Chastity’s Reserve is part of a gaming project by The World’s End pub, who have transformed the top floors of their venue to create a gamers paradise. It has multiple floors of multiplayer joy. Any friends with a competitive streak in their veins will find themselves racking up a bewildering scoreboard between them. The retro arcades offer thousands of games that will give any player button thrashing flashbacks. The VR Concept have installed a four player virtual reality gaming booth, which plunge you into games that will make you believe you are made of pixels. The radio controlled racetrack has up to 10 players competing for the fastest time, hosted by commentary that could be channelling the ghost of Murray Walker. Right at the top is the Lady Chastity escape room game. After all that competing, players can kiss and make up as they work together to solve the clues and Chastity challenges. There’s also a HUGE selection of craft ale, which could give players the edge or push them over it! What’s not to love?

More escape games = more opportunities for hosts

Of course as we continue to grow and create more escape rooms in London and Brighton, there are more and more job opportunities with Handmade Mysteries. As it stands, we are absolutely enthralled with the attraction of new talent for our games. Many performing artists find the hosting role to be an attractive prospect that suits their lifestyle and gives them a chance to explore and hone new character ideas. Each host has their own unnerving characteristic. We’ve been meaning to create a deck of Top Trumps out of them. Coupled with the ghost of Chastity or the foul mouthed Okikokyo dummy (at Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop in North London), these improvising actors know exactly how to make players squeal or giggle and in one particular case, wet themselves!

We have just taken on several new hosts across the seven rooms, including the very talented Kitty Hope Marshall, Emma Wingrove for The World’s End, and Marco Snow for The Hope.

If you are interested in joining the team as one of our game hosts, then get in touch with our Head Host, Sam at sam@handmademysteries.com.

Can we expect any more new games in the near future?

It is our intention to introduce our games to as many people as possible. It’s only fair that everyone gets a chance to win the fabled aphrodisiac wine, or complete the penultimate invention of Poppa Plock. It’s also important that we allow people to fail. Britain loves losers so we intend to make as many as possible!

2018 will reveal Chastity’s lover and Plock’s father in new games which continue the Handmade mysteries Odyssey. Want to know more? We’ll be releasing previews through our social channels, so watch this space.

Want to check out the new rooms? You can book your game at The Hope or  The World’s End now.