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27th October 2017

Meet the team: playful game host, Gemma Tubbs

We return for another hearty serving of our meet the team series with a cheeky peek into the immersive world of Gemma Tubbs. Our very first lady game host who describes herself as ‘a big kid who loves dressing up and scaring people.’ A trained actress who recently scared the bejesus out of Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard on This Morning as a zombie. Standard. Let’s get cracking shall we…

Tell us more about your acting background before you joined us…

I studied Performing Arts at London Metropolitan University (LMU) where I got a taste for a lot of different performance disciplines. However, I fell in love with immersive theatre when I graduated so it has ended up becoming my specialism.

Talk us through your journey on the Handmade Mysteries team thus far?

I’ve been a host for two years now. It’s been a weird and wonderful journey across 5 different game rooms. I’ve learnt a lot, especially about human nature, what scares people and what excites them. I’ve also witnessed people wetting themselves and getting naked for their team photo! (Not the same person thankfully).

What was your experience as the first lady Gabriel in the team – hosting Lady Chastity’s Revenge?



I’ll admit it seemed daunting at first, but I quickly made the role my own. Every host has their own unique version of Gabriel… although I think we all share a love of innuendos! Chastity still insists on calling me Gabriel though (rather than Gabriella). Her lack of eyeballs probably doesn’t help her confusion.

What traits do you think a good escape room host needs to kick ass?

A love of mischief, cat-herding abilities and to be ready for anything.

If you could pick any celeb to be an escape room host who would it be?

David Tennant. He can take me on an adventure any day.

We hear that when you’re not spooking players at our escape rooms you are attempting to eat players as zombie. What’s it like being a zombie?

Yeah I’m basically a zombie for hire, which is a lot of fun – scaring people never gets old! It’s amazing how some people are genuinely petrified even though they know it’s not real. I’ve recently had the privilege of scaring Amanda Holden and Ben Shephard on live TV! A stunt to mark the launch of Walking Dead at Thorpe Park.

Tell us more about your other immersive theatre exploits…

I recently performed at Boomtown festival in an immersive bank experience, getting people to do ridiculous and corrupt things for fake money. I’ve never encountered an audience so wild and willing to do pretty much anything asked of them (as well as stuff that wasn’t asked of them). At one point I had girls coming up to me suggesting they could flash their boobs in exchange for money!

What’s your view on immersive gaming and the role it plays in helping actors to get more gainful employment? Is it difficult to make money as an actor without these kind of avenues?

It really is, but this gives me a permanent and reliable income and a chance to use my acting skills on a daily basis. It’s such a rapidly expanding industry now, there are a lot of actors specialising in this type of experience.

Have you had the chance to host the new game Poppa Plock yet and, if so, how do you find playing Wynne in comparison to Gabriel?

Oh yes, I absolutely love Wynne! She is completely different to my Gabriel, who is rather eloquent, mysterious and dirty-minded. Whereas Wynne is silly, naive and innocent, and just desperate for a friend so I think people find her quite endearing.

What can people expect from the new game?

A bright and whimsical world with something sinister lurking beneath the surface.

Why do you think Handmade Mysteries games are so popular?

I think nostalgia is at an all time high at the moment, especially for my generation, and a big part of that is a longing to play and become lost in an imaginary world like we did as children. We don’t just want to watch anymore, we want to be a part of the story. And I think that’s why I enjoy hosting them so much too!

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You can find out more about Gemma’s illustrious acting profile on her Spotlight profile. If you enjoyed this cheeky chat, you can also check out our interviews with game host Kevin Flee or Jason Lotro. In the meantime, we look forward to introducing you to more of our wonderful game hosts very soon – if you don’t see their beautiful faces first.