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26th July 2016

Laughter benefits: why we all need to get silly

The very thing that inspired us to create our games was to make something that allowed people to escape technology, come together and just get silly. Our daily lives are jammed with responsibilities and deadlines. Couple that with the bellowing digital noise that now surrounds us as we become more reliant on technology; and if we are not careful we could all become solemn lemmings, bumping into each other in our own bubble.

If you are having trouble justifying your urge to just get silly, then don’t just take our word for it. There are reams of experts who attest to the health benefits of laughter and importance of play for adults.

A professor of psychology and neuroscience, Robert R. Provine, believes that laughter in a group is more effective. According to him we are thirty times more likely to laugh when we’re with other people than when we’re alone, he explains:

“People who laugh a lot may just have a strong connection to the people around them. That in itself might have health benefits.”

Here are three reasons why it is important to have a good laugh and get silly with your mates now and then…

1. Having some playtime will make you smarter

Creative play and strategy games will help with cognitive memory and help you keep your smarts about you. These activities can release brain-derived neurotrophic factors, which spurs the growth of neurons and encourages them to make new connections. In addition, according to research creative play and strategy games that stimulate the mind can help prevent or forestall Alzheimer’s disease. 

2. Laughing helps lower your blood pressure

 Have you ever noticed how much more relaxed and calm you feel after a good laugh? Well, you are not imagining it. Experts from the American Heart Association found that laughter and music therapy can lower blood pressure, just as much as losing 10 pounds, or cutting salt completely from your diet.

3. Having Fun Improves Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

What better reason to make a date with your friends than science? According to health experts, being socially engaged and laughing leads to more positive emotions, which in turn may actually boost your body’s immune system and reduce the physical signs of stress.

Are you ready to have a laugh?

There you have it. You have a legit scientific reason to have a laugh. The question is, where to start? The increased awareness of laughter benefits has led to laughter therapy becoming a ‘thing’, with more and more people taking laughter yoga classes and all sorts.

Before you get into an ‘Upward Dog’, with your wine balanced god knows where and start cackling like a hyena, why not just make some time to meet up with your favourite people and the laughter will follow? Better yet, taking part in escape games or immersive experiences like Lady Chastity will get you all giggling in no time – and you might get a free bottle of red out of it.

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