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22nd October 2018

Halloween Treat: Do You Want To Play A Little Game…?

Halloween is nearly upon us. Gather round, you pure, sweet darlings, you. Things are about to get twisted.

On 31st October, All Hallows Eve, we’re going to be dialling up the scare factor in our escape games. Believe it or not we’re usually pretty gentle but get yourself a game over Halloween and you’ll get an extra jump and some bonus shrieks for good measure – nappies and spare pants will be provided (first bum, first serve).

If you’ve got what it takes, book yourself a game now. Or if you haven’t, just wimp out. That’s cool, we don’t blame you *chicken dance*.


You can choose to spend the creepiest night of the year with the creepiest lady of the night, she’s all bones but many still want to bone her – yes we are talking about our dearly departed Lady Chastity. Once renowned for hosting wild parties, fuelled by her aphrodisiac wine, there are more than a few sordid skeletons in her closet. If you’re not afraid to get in there and get to grips with them – you filthy bunch – then just pick your London or Brighton venue where you could bag yourself the last ever bottle from Lady Chastity’s wine reserve. Or be stuck in there with Lady C for all eternity. Either way.


If crazed drunken ladies don’t float your boat, why not spend Halloween with a deranged ventriloquist dummy? Head on over to North London at our haunted little spot in The Depot and you can spend Halloween surrounded by creepy dolls and dismembered melted toys. You will also be spending some time grappling with our resident dummy Roy’s limbs. We love Roy.

At Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop you will be in the hands of our somewhat unusual toyshop assistant Wynne who explains that the toymaker Poppa Plock has mysteriously disappeared. What could be more fun than hanging out with some seriously disturbing dolls while you try to build Poppa’s final crazy creation?


As if our games weren’t twisted enough, we’ve put a special Halloween slant on all of them for one night only. We’ll get your nerves jangling, your heart racing and your pants wetting. Try not to make a mess though, we don’t want to have to clean that up.

Did you know that The Four Thieves pub in Battersea, one of Lady Chastity’s London residences, is so called because it is haunted by the ghosts of the four thieves who came to a sticky end there after their final, most ambitious robbery went awry? Or that The Depot, Islington, where Poppa Plock’s Workshop can be found, was the final destination of a group of revellers who disappeared one night in the 1920s? Lady Chastity’s Brighton home, The World’s End, is rumoured to be the home of secretive experiments led by a scientist who has a tentative grip on his limited stash of marbles…* But we’re sure they’re totally safe places to hang out. You’ll be completely fine. Most people usually are.

*All stories of hauntings and mad scientists are most likely totally made up. Probably. Take the chance, what’s the worst that could happen?

These games are not for children. Over 18s with strong constitutions only.


Book yourself a Halloween night you won’t forget using discount code SPOOKED to get 10% off, or you might just live to regret it…

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