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5th December 2018

Experience Christmas gift ideas in London & Beyond

Christmas experiences trump presents any day. Think about it, when you look back to last Christmas do you remember the gifts or the laughter and games? Yes, it’s fun opening presents, but if you really aren’t sure what to buy your friends and family then don’t just nab the first thing that’s vaguely ‘so them’. Instead buy them some new memories to enjoy in 2019 with a Christmas experience gift. That way, there’s less clutter for them and polite ‘oh I love it’ moments and more love and laughter for the new year. Better yet a group experience means you get to reap the benefits of your own gift – it’s a win win.

Not sure where to start? Well, just as well we’ve done the work for you. Here’s some top Experience Christmas gifts to nab online:

1. Immersive AR street game in London and Brighton

You can discover the city in a unique way with our brand new immersive street game Operation Mindfall. In teams of 2-5 you will meet Agent X at your operation base St James of Bermondsey in London or The Walrus in Brighton and collect your spy tools and equipment. Using the latest AR technology and a handy tablet you will then be guided to different locations across the city to collect clues to save the world from a virus that threatens to infect the brains of the entire human race.

You can find out more about Operation Mindfall, go ahead and book your game now or nab a cheeky gift voucher as a last-minute Christmas gift with a twist for your friends or family.

2. Zombie battle training Christmas experience in Greenwich

Christmas may not be a time for you to destroy your reanimated loved ones corpses, no matter how tempting it may be when you reach for the last mince pie. Post Christmas though, there’s nothing stopping you – well, acting it out at least. If anyone in your family is a fan of The Walking Dead then they will love this Zombie battle training experience, if you’re rolling in it you could even pair this experience voucher with The Walking Dead box set perhaps?

While you won’t be dismembering actual Zombies as they chow down on the innards of your loves ones – no Neegan included – you will get pretty darn close in imaginary terms. Based in a themed Cold War bunker, your Commander will brief you on the current situation and train you in combat. You will tour the facility where the Zombies are being tested to find some sort of cure before – surprise to anyone who hasn’t seen a single zombie movie in their life –  legions of zombies break loose.

Please note that anyone under 12 and/or under the influence of alcohol and drugs cannot participate. A certain level of fitness is also required. That’s Darwinism for you.

3. Get Bouncy at Bounce Below in Wales

If you hear the words “giant trampolines” and “cave diving” and don’t panic about breaking your neck then (you know who you are) Bounce Below might be right up your alley. It’s basically a ‘St Paul’s Cathedral’ sized underground 176-year old disused cavern, which some genius has transformed into a subterranean playground with huge bouncy nets. But you don’t just get to bounce at Bounce Below, no. Queue the cheesy 80’s TV advertising voice – you can bounce, jump, hop, slide and enjoy a bunch of other fun present-tense verbs. With six levels of exploration and all new areas to discover. Okay turn the voice off now.

If you’re thinking this must be for adults only then you’d be wrong. Anyone over 7 can have a bounce, just think how much sleep they would have that night? Just don’t think you’ve got out of joining them though, anyone between 7 and 16 need to be accompanied by an adult.

4. A playful experience Christmas gift The Ultimate Playground

Lone adults swigging on booze may be frowned upon at your local Playground (don’t pretend you haven’t been there), but you can fill your boots – or indeed your pints – at this rooftop bonanza The Social Fun & Games Club. Coined as ‘The Ultimate Playground’ it’s basically a playful wonderland for anyone who wants to do something different, or make that first date less awkward. Joking aside it’s not an adult only playground, so drink responsibly, play hard and perhaps bring the sprogs or your childish mates along to this one.

In the Winter the East Roof opens with curling and ice skating, there’s also Igloos to chill in (see what we did there) and a Ski Lodge bar. There’s also rooftop crazy golf, an arcade and bowling. Now, this is more of a pre-Christmas gift experience as it only opens in the Winter from now until 23rd December, but why wait to make your loved ones happy? Get some of that festive cheer in the bag before you start scraping over the Monopoly board.

5. Channel your inner farmer at Digger racing

Ever watch one of those movies when the character randomly decides to save the day with a digger and thought ‘Cor i’d love to get my hands on one of those dirty blighters’? Well, now you can with this Digger racing experience.

Whether you want to race JCB dumpers against your friends and be crowned dumper campion to prove you indeed ‘got the power’, or just fancy getting your family covered in crap; Diggerland has you covered and you can get a decent deal with Gift Experience.

It’s certainly a racing day you could describe as “unique” and if you really want to have a laugh you could say you’re spoiling the women in your family to a day at the races and watch as they squirm in their heels – cruel but tempting.  One for anyone who can hold their nerve with basic coordination (so maybe not your Nan after too many sherries), Diggerland will have them race in at least two heats against competitors. Those with the best times will compete for the elusive certificate of achievement. Because who needs money and fame when you can get a piece of paper saying you can dump amongst the best of them. No it’s not the same dumping achievement as your post-Christmas dinner ‘moment’.

6. Escape room Christmas gift voucher, London or Brighton

If you are to be confined to a small space with your family for a mandated period of time this Christmas, why not make it more bearable with an immersive escape room? A great choice especially if you make this one a gift for the family members you actually like.

Not sure what an escape room is? If you’ve ever gazed wantingly at the clue solving escapades on Channel 4’s The Crystal Maze then the concept of an escape room is not as new as you think. You basically get locked in a room with 60 minutes to solve the clues and escape. Only our games are a little more soaked in woven stories and have the additional perk of our rather boisterous and imaginative game hosts.

We have several escape room locations in London and Brighton for our flagship game Lady Chastity’s Reserve and earlier this year we opened a brand new game Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop at The Depot in North London. You can nab your family and friends a Christmas experience gift voucher online or go ahead and book your experience now as a pre-Christmas ho ho hurrah – sorted.

Christmas experience: Buy your loved ones new memories this Christmas

Christmas. Not just a time for arguing with the family and getting pissed enough to forget the sozzled TMI sharing.  It’s also a time for zombies, bouncing in a cave, whatever number 3 was, driving heavy machinery and escaping from rooms your locked in.

So whatever your Christmas traditions are, make sure you’re set for the holidays by eating, drinking, celebrating and buying your loved ones some sort of crazy experience – ‘cause you’re one crazy cat.

Looking for a quick solution to your last-minute Christmas gift mission? You can grab a voucher for one of our escape rooms or immersive street games online here.