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24th May 2019

Escape room vs city adventure game

The popularity of escape rooms has soared with the last count at 150 in the UK, taking an estimated £10m in revenues every year. City adventure games or street games are seemingly the next step as more and more are cropping up including spy games, city treasure hunts, zombie runs and Cluedo. Question is, will escape room fans enjoy city adventure games and vice versa, will those who prefer the great outdoors be up for being locked in a room?

Let’s find out shall we! We explore the key elements of our escape rooms vs city adventure games, in the hope that we can persuade escape room enthusiasts to step outside and discover something new and the city adventure fans to step inside our dark boudoir.

You will have a mission to complete in a limited timeframe

Guy holding an open clock pendant.

Regardless of what tickles your puzzle pickle, be prepared to be frantically looking for your next clue. You’ll be watching the time tick down more intently than if you were to defuse a bomb or watching a smashing episode of Countdown – whatever floats your boat. The point is, when it comes to pressured environments and completing your mission, you’ll find one major difference. You’ll either be throwing stuff around a room searching for clues or vaulting cars and making a fool of yourself on the streets looking for clues in the great outdoors.

The puzzles will tickle your neurons

Happy friends cheering while playing the puzzle room game of A Hole Lotta Fun

Fiendish and equally challenging – unless you’ve already won them before – both escape rooms and city adventure games are designed to give your cerebrums a stretch with a workout and a complimentary protein shake to boot – ok maybe not a protein shake but there will certainly be a pint in reach at any of our pub venues. City Adventure games do require a tad more stamina, ranging from a light meander to an “OMG THERE’S A DUCKING ZOMBIE CHASING ME.” sprint, so pick a game to suit your penchant for actual physical activity.

The challenge will help you bond with your team

Friends lighting a map to check for a possible way out of the escape room

If you know a group of people you could get locked in an elevator with and not go completely “The Shining” on, then escape rooms could really be your blood soaked jam. While Escape rooms are marginally bigger than elevators, they’re still pretty cramped and you do need to be comfortable with the people you’re in there with. At the very least, prepare to half-ass attempt working in unison with these people. City Adventure games give you a few more cubics of space but both are designed as a bonding exercise for teams. If these don’t apply to you and you hate the idea of even having to exist around another person, maybe you would just be better off doing something else. Like watching “The Shining.”

Your game host will be absolutely hilar

Friends and game host after an awesome escape room experience

If you haven’t found this blog post witty, charming and full of irreverent humour giving you a good chortle here and there, then you have a decent sense of humour. Even better news – our game hosts are actually funny. Seriously, they’re hilar. Not only are they paid to be amusing and have charisma by the oodles all of the Handmade Mysteries game hosts are trained actors and performers so they know their shiz. When you take on one of our escape rooms their pretty little mugs will have you in good spirits, even when you pull a lever that does nothing for the eighteenth time – move on already people. They’ll also be on hand to mock, we mean guide, you when you take a wrong turn in one of our street games and end up on a train to the midlands. You can’t stay mad at them though – you’ll soon love them too.

The escape rooms are less tech more ‘feck’

Game players watching a scene at a escape game room

While the lack of technology in our escape rooms may make you feel like a complete luddite, coming up with crazy and sometimes plausible solutions in the games won’t. You’ll be saying “What if we do this” alot before attempting ideas that would make you look bat-shit crazy out in the real world, followed by “feck” or something similar depending on your regional dialect when it doesn’t work. You may not have swanky tech all over the escape rooms but you will proceed to grab and caress everything in the room as if it were made of boobies. Or a penis. Bonus points for when you try pressing a button after hopping on the spot ten times because you’re that frustrated and out of ideas. Crazy stuff like that is out favourite to watch.

Our city adventure games include AR technology

magic portal2 1

Our city adventure games on the other hand drag you into the current century kicking, screaming and second guessing what is real. The inclusion of augmented reality with geolocation technology gives a super immersive experience to our physical puzzles without having to put on fancy, expensive headgear. Plus, the risk of getting hit by a bus or something is a lot lower with AR than with a VR headset. Best of all, AR technology is part of an emerging genre of city adventure games. If you’ve done many escape rooms or simply want to do something more modern, games like Magic Portal or Operation Mindfall are the way to go!

Are you ready to swing both ways?

Three friends surprised by a severed leg while playing a mystery game

Escape rooms may appear to be for the introverted geeks happy to be hidden away and city adventure games, on first glance, seem to be for the forward and brash. However, both provide the same team building, mood lifting and brain challenging benefits. Whatever your preference it’s likely if you’ll love both.

Plus, the weather’s mental in this country. If it’s sunny,  go out and have a city adventure. If it’s drizzly, delve into the depths of that darkened pub and play an Escape Room, like our original Lady Chastity’s Reserve or messed up toy shop inspired room Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop.