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13th February 2020

Escape room players say the funniest things…

7 top player quotes from Lady Chastity’s Reserve

We’re not sure if it’s the mystical influence of Lady Chastity ghostly spirit, or the fact many players have partaken in our pub venues elixir of spirits before they begin, but escape game players say the funniest things. And it’s not just the teams having a giggle, our game host actors and actresses have witnessed some pretty giggle inducing moments too. Here’s our top 7 escape game player quotes, so you can have a giggle or two too – too much twoness for you? Ah well, scroll on already… jeez.

1. Oh, the romance! So much TMI up in here

We get a lot of couples playing Lady Chastity’s Reserve and let us tell you, there is a lot of TMI that is not fit for the world wide web, Facebook will never approve those posts, trust us we’ve tried!


2. An ‘IT crowd’ getting their wits tested…

Escape rooms are a popular team building activity doncha know and it turns out this confident group of IT guys didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into.


3. If all else fails just “thumb it in!”

Some holes are not meant for your manly fingers Frank, or was it Harry? We’re not really sure, but this couple were willing to do whatever it took to get it in!

4. Random but valid, we love an 80’s throwback

Whatever floats your boat, we can be whatever you want us to be! Our escape game hosts are trained actors you know.

5. Motivation kicks in with an eye on the prize!

If there’s one guarantee, every single time – that moment the bottle drops is the turning point from “I guess I’ll give it a try” to “this is serious, get out of the way I need to solve that clue”.

6. Someone took a wrong turn, Madam Chastity is next door

We don’t know what escape rooms this player has been to before, but – skeleton or not – it’s never okay to sleep with the main escape room character, now the game host however . . . just kidding! We do not sleep with our players, repeat we do not sleep with our players (on weekdays).

7. Is it though? It’s not very scrollable

How does it go? “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth… then he created escape rooms” Genesis 1: 1.2+3. Something like that.

You may be thinking “you had to be there” – well you can! 

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