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2nd September 2016

Escape gamers are buzzing: Crystal Maze is back!

If the escape game buzz wasn’t already busting at the seams then Channel 4 are about to blow this shizzle wide open. After 21 years off air… Crystal Maze is back!

While only a one-off revival is confirmed for Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer night in October, rumour is that if ratings are high enough it will be returning for a brand new series.

David Tennant Rumoured to be the New Host

All signs are pointing to David Tennant as the host for the show in October to follow in the footsteps of Richard O’Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole.

He will be rallying celebrity teams together for the challenge, which will make entertaining viewing for anyone in their twenties that may be new to the show. A TV insider has revealed:

“Even two decades after it last aired, there are very few shows that have been as magical and action-packed as The Crystal Maze. It is still remembered extremely fondly today,”

“Channel 4 are hoping to tap into that nostalgia and believe viewers will jump at the chance to finally take on the show’s adventurous challenges themselves.”

What’s all the fuss about?

The show was hugely successful in the 90s attracting up to six million viewers; It was undoubtedly an iconic moment in history and the trigger behind the escape room craze here in the UK.

In fact, it was a nostalgic love for Crystal Maze that inspired so many entrepreneurs to create their own escape rooms, leading to an influx of similar problem solving games popping up across the globe. Including creator of our Handmade Mysteries game Lady Chastity, Ben Tucker. He explains:

“I remember watching my first Crystal Maze show. It was like nothing I had ever seen before, and all I wanted to do was be in it – show all those dunderheads how it’s done! Of course it’s easy to shout at a television, but actually being there is a entirely different experience, as many Escape Room players well know. While what we create is very different in setting and theatrics, there is no doubt that Crystal Maze was a big influence for me. I can’t wait for it to return to our screens.”

What does this mean for the Escape Game Industry?

The recent revival of Crystal Maze in London as a live theatre experience has already caused a surge of interest in escape games, so a televised revival can only be good news for escape game creators and gamers alike.

It comes at a time when many people are bored with the ordinary and looking for something different to do.

While older generations tend to be interested in precious objects, stuffocating themselves with pretty trinkets and bowls of marble fruit, the Millennials and Generation X or Z (whichever alphabet category you fancy) are all about experience, and games like Crystal Maze deliver exactly that.

We were already buzzing and loving the revived energy people were feeling for escape games, now we are preparing to shoot to the moon!