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1st September 2017

Creative date night ideas: Do something different in London or Brighton

Daydreaming about your bank holiday antics last weekend? Still buzzing after the Game of Thrones season finale? Avoid the temptation to order a curry or endlessly scroll for your next TV fix this weekend. We have some creative date night ideas in London and Brighton that will help you extend the good vibes, revive or ignite those honeymoon phase tingles and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


London is epic in so many ways but when the sun comes out you just wanna be on the beach right? Well, now you can. Swoop your better half off this summer to a summer venue with a unique twist. Open 21st May to 21st September 2018 The Beach Bar at The Montague on the Gardens will give you all the beach vibes you need to survive the heat in the city. It was even voted ‘Best Summer Party Venue’ at The London Venue Awards – fancy.

Whether you’re on a first date or want to relight that fire, here you can chill out and enjoy the real sand under a beach-hut style thatched roof. Just sip on their delicious cocktails and enjoy the surrounding palm trees as you pretend you’ve escaped to the Bahamas together. Or pretend you’re meeting for the first time on an episode of Love Island – you decide.

2. Cosy up in a cave at The Tempest Inn, Brighton

What could be more romantic than an evening cosying up in a cave-like bar, before strolling on the beach for a midnight dip? And when we say dip we obviously mean dunking your chips in ketchup – the sea is freezing.

The Tempest Inn on the Brighton seafront have chiselled more than giant holes in the wall to create cavelike booths. They also boast a fancy cocktail list and impressive live music diary, so you can glug down drinks like the Seagrog and Espresso Martini while bobbing your head to some epic tunes.

A bad night at The Tempest Inn will have you walking the coast alone. A good night will have you delving into more than one dank cave – that’s what she said.

3. Get your pulses racing in Lady Chastity’s Lair

If you want less ‘yawn’ and more ‘yay’ in your relationship then our eerie escape room Lady Chastity’s Revenge should make your date night list. The ghost of Lady Chastity has hidden boudoirs in historical pubs across London and Brighton. Our illustrious host Gabriel will guide you into her lair with torches in hand and together you will explore the trinkets and creaking furniture to solve the clues. The prize? The overwhelming pride of course. Okay, so if you win you also get a bottle of red wine from Lady Chastity’s Reserve to swig together in the pub – not bad ay?

Lady Chastity resides in South London at The Four Thieves, East London at People’s Park Tavern and Brighton at The Black Lion, South Lanes. All of these venues are set in great locations with pub gardens, nommy food and late night DJ’s so you can continue your evening late or move on to your next adventure. Whether you’re falling into each others eyes or leaping into each other’s arms with the fear of God in you – this experience will give your date a good jump start in the right direction.

4. Mix things up & get tipsy at BYOC, Brighton

Remember that moment you first discovered your parent’s liquor cabinet and made a miracle cocktail – miracle in the sense you could still see afterwards? BYOC (aka bring your own cocktail) in Brighton will help you unleash those creative little gremlins within you.

Self-described as a broody basement adventure, there’s no alcohol at BYOC just tasty mixers so you can bring your own spirit and watch the mixologists work their magic. The whole venue has an air of 1920s prohibition lounges with drinking dens, indulgent velvets, vintage gilded furniture and subtle golden flecks. An intimate location for date number three and beyond – who knows, you could even pop the question. The question being… what should I drink next – vodka or rum?

5. Have a howl of a time at Werewolf in London

If your date is both wild and cultural then this sensory nightclub in Mayfair will get them howling. Werewolf is a musical and visual experience steeped in static art, performance art and 80s style decor that celebrates cult classics like Mad Max and Escape from New York.

Werewolf is praised for adding a theatrical and artistic – if not slightly trippy – quality to your night out. Perfect for a first date, if you run out of conversation the LED light and sound systems will give you plenty to ooh and ah about together. Who wants a boring old date night when you can have a howling good time in Mayfair?

Ready to do something different this weekend?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with the same old drinks, dinner or cinema combo, which is okay most of the time. But sometimes it’s good to spice things up and experience something new together.

There’s still slots available for our puzzle rooms this weekend or for more ways to enjoy a giggle you can check out our list of silly date night ideas.

Go on, be brave and shake things up. It’s time to do something different.