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15th September 2017

Corporate Team Building Games And Escape Rooms

Trying to find corporate team building ideas that are both productive and enjoyable can be challenging. Get it wrong and you could end up with bored yawns and employees completely disengaging with the task at hand. Get it right and you will get a surge of engagement from your employees, increasing morale but also increasing their sense of belonging to the team and business. That’s why so many businesses are now turning to gamification techniques and booking escape room experiences.

Escape Rooms As A Team Building Activity

Your objective may be to improve staff morale and encourage team bonding – for them? Well, chances are they really just want to have a laugh and experience something new with their work colleagues.

Typical team building exercises rely on a high level of fitness, need for speed or an interest in sports and, what you may have already learned the hard way, what gets one person buzzing can alienate another. Corporate team building friendly activities through gamification and escape rooms enables you to cover all of the bases, so your staff are happy and you also reach your core objectives as a result.

There are so many great benefits to escape rooms, pick the right one for your next team building day and you will be able to:

  • Develop / improve consensual decision-making
  • Facilitate a real time collaboration exercise (can be interdepartmental or across teams)
  • Identify areas of expertise and specialist knowledge within a team
  • Improve communication and problem solving skills
  • Foster a strong team spirit in a fun team bonding exercise (established staff and new starters)

You can even run parallel or sequential games for healthy competition. Perfect for larger groups or teams that thrive in a competitive environment – yes sales, that means you!

With a growing and increasingly diverse range of Escape Rooms opening every month, there are Escape Rooms to suit every type of business, big or small. Escape Rooms are the perfect setting for team building games/activities; providing a unique experience that is both enjoyable and challenging.

Corporate Team Building In An Escape Room

Yes, the term ‘Escape Room’ does sound like a form of punishment, but it is very much the opposite.  Escape Rooms appeal to everyone. They’re great for a group of friends, family bonding or date nights and most importantly, they are becoming a popular choice for businesses looking for alternative team building activities.

While there are many creative evolutions of this concept as new escape rooms pop up around the globe, a resounding example of an escape room as a team building activity in the 90’s was The Crystal Maze. Whether you watched it then or took a dip in the latest series, you will have seen contestants enter differing rooms to solve the tasks or clues and escape.

Escape Rooms are perfect for corporate team building because they’re both mentally challenging and fun. Colleagues who may not usually work closely will be working together to solve a series of physical and mental puzzles against the clock. Quite often this takes employees out of their comfort zone, but they’re having so much fun they barely notice. Being surrounded by playful distractions in an Escape Rooms also means that time often flies by, helping you to avoid typical group exercise apathy

If you want a new and vibrant way to create a positive team building/bonding atmosphere, then Escape Rooms really will hit the spot. Better yet, many have unique themes with fictional story lines and strange new worlds, which will encourage employees to dress for the part and get more involved. Escape Rooms can provide a truly immersive and highly stimulating experience that gets teams out of the office and into a totally different physical and mental setting. .

Why should this matter to you?

Well the novelty of experiencing something new together in an immersive setting will motivate staff and foster togetherness. Key qualities that will translate into the workplace, increasing productivity and improving employee engagement. Additionally, escape games can allow team members to unshackle themselves from the normal corporate hierarchy, exposing strengths and character qualities that others may not otherwise have come to the surface.

Looking for a setting where your team can be really challenged? Then click here to find out more about Handmade Mysteries’ Twisted Escape Rooms. Much more than “just” an escape game, the Handmade Mysteries teams’ take on puzzle rooms is unusual, combining immersive theatre with the challenge of escape room games. Guaranteed to engage the most unenthusiastic team member! 

Corporate Team Building in Escape Rooms: The Process

Any successful organisation understands the importance and value of a good cohesive team. This has been backed up by various studies of professional organisations and academic institutions including Harvard University who attempted to find the formula for the ‘best team’.

Harvard Business Review comments on teams with this insight;


“The ideal team merges individual talents and skills into one super-performing whole with capabilities that surpass those of even its most talented member.”


Team Building – Why It’s Important

Ultimately this means that a strong group is always going to be more powerful to your business than your most talented employees. However, achieving this level of cohesion and togetherness to tap into that potential isn’t always easy – unless you book an escape room of course.

At Handmade Mysteries we understand that all of your employees are different. Whether they have generational influenced preferences, individual creative interests that differ or their own quirks and aversions to certain types of activities. This can prove challenging for companies that want to bring people together and improve communication in the workplace. Any disparity between teams and individuals at work can make it difficult for team members to trust each other, share ideas, and collaborate on deadline sensitive projects.

The intensity and immersive nature of Escape Rooms can help captivate the minds of your employees allowing them to overcome these types of issues. The experience provides the perfect opportunity to help team members set aside hostilities and develop friendships, through the enjoyable and stimulating exercises available. It provides the opportunity for them to be more open to sharing ideas and utilising their skills together.

Handmade Mystery games have the added benefit of all being located in pubs, creating the perfect opportunity for a complete team night-out. Employees can relive their adventure and celebrate their successes over some food and drinks, releasing any work tensions and helping foster new relationships.

For those looking to keep things more formal, this can also be the perfect time to have a proper evaluation session after the game, providing opportunities for members to assess their performance as individuals and as a team, and identify the better alternatives that could have been employed.

Corporate Team Building benefits of Escape Rooms

There are many team building benefits, but here are three key examples of what you will get out of a team building day playing one of our escape games. 3 examples of ways Handmade Mysteries Exit Rooms can help build a better team:

1. Better Communication

Information must be quickly shared, processed, and analyzed as a team. Unless this is done effectively, the information will not be useful. Solving an escape room requires brainstorming, discussions, and effective communication among employees; to succeed they must operate as a team. As Escape rooms require collaboration to achieve a single goal, it can help remove competitive elements between team different team members. Consequently, the rooms foster friendly and healthy team building exercises that really work!

Each member comes to realize the importance of trust and effective communication, as the games and puzzles progress. This all happens naturally, without coercion.

2. Being / Becoming a Team Player

It almost impossible for a single person to succeed in solving all the required puzzles within the allotted time. They also can require very different skills so team playing is therefore essential.

3. Enhancement of Skills

Diversity characterises good teams and it allows the members to unite their strengths, experiences, and personalities. The enjoyable and challenging environment requires different skills and will result in some of the quieter members of the group being given an opportunity to shine.

Because our Escape Rooms are generally hidden in public spaces like pubs, they create the opportunity to have a drink or a meal after, which helps to enhance team bonding.

For more information on this stimulating, enjoyable, and effective team building activity, visit our corporate Team Building page.

Corporate Team Building Just Got Interesting

Handmade Mysteries’ game rooms encourage great team camaraderie. Our Escape Rooms involve placing teams in a room for an hour where they must solve a series of mental and physical puzzles in order to win the prize. Working together as a team and effective communication are the only ways to reach the goal and escape victorious.

If you hadn’t considered gamification techniques for your next corporate team building event, then we hope you now have a taste of the morale boosting and team bonding benefits of escape rooms. Now of course we can’t vouch for every single escape room, but we have designed our games to towards inclusion not isolation. There’s a good mix of challenges for varying levels, helping your team to clench differing parts of their mind muscles and contribute along the way. Of course, our pub locations also help make post team building social arrangements run smoothly, as you enjoy the rest of your evening in one location.

We are able to cater for teams of 2 to 30 people, you can find out more about our large group bookings or get in touch if you have a large corporate event or any specific requirements.