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DJ playing fun music at London and Brighton Christmas party

Nov 17, 2016

Last-minute Christmas party ideas in London & Brighton

Christmas parties are the ideal excuse to drop that work front and get silly with your mates and colleagues. If you haven’t got around to organising your festive social yet then here are some last-minute office Christmas party ideas in London and Brighton that might sizzle your nizzle.

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brexit blues

Nov 11, 2016

3 ways to dump the Brexit & Trump Blues

Everywhere we go and scroll Trump and Brexit are there to get us down in the dumps, so we wanted to help you all with some tips on how to forget about all this silliness by being, well – even more silly. Here are 3 ways to beat the trumpy brexit blues: 1. Experience something […]

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Man with umbrella riding a hippopotamus in a poster of Plumbottoms Magnificent Return escape room game.

Oct 24, 2016

Portable game Plumbottom free this Halloween weekend

It’s Halloween every day for us here at HMM, but this year we have an extra little treat for you. Our new portable game, Plumbottom’s Magnificent Return, will be free to play at the Watson’s General Telegraph in Forest Hill Friday 28th and Saturday 29th October.

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Beetlejuice rising back from grave in Halloween

Oct 21, 2016

5 Halloween characters perfect for escape games

A good escape room host is immersed in the story, dramatic and a little unpredictable – a quality that many horror movie characters can certainly pull off. So we asked our team here at HMM, which Halloween characters they think would make a good escape game host. This is the result…

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Winter fun girl playing with feathers

Sep 30, 2016

Experience vs stuff: are you part of the Experience Economy?

In ye old days we all loved a bit of stuff; in fact the accumulation of things led to a living room so packed with the kind of fayre you would find at a village car boot sale, there wasn’t much room left for living. Escapism and experience is what we are all about, so we decided to take a closer look at the rise of an experiential movement; where more of us are caring less about stuff and more about human connection and experience.

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Escape game presenter Richard O'Brien standing beside the Crystal Maze

Sep 02, 2016

Escape gamers are buzzing: Crystal Maze is back!

If the escape game buzz wasn’t already busting at the seams then Channel 4 are about to blow this shizzle wide open. After 21 years off air… Crystal Maze is back! While only a one-off revival is confirmed for Channel 4’s Stand Up to Cancer night in October, rumour is that if ratings are high enough it will be returning for a brand new series. 

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Laughing friends celebrating an event with fine wine

Jul 26, 2016

Laughter benefits: why we all need to get silly

The very thing that inspired us to create our games was to make something that allowed people to escape technology, come together and just get silly.  If you are having trouble justifying your urge to get silly, then don’t just take our word for it. There are reams of experts who attest to the health benefits of laughter and importance of play for adults. 

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