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Girl playing by the tall grass under a bright sun

Jan 17, 2020

5 ways to escape the January blues without exercise

As the words ‘Happy New Year’ become less and less the norm, As the words ‘Happy New Year’ become less and less the norm, so do our good moods. January Blues is not a made up thing, there is actual science out there proving that more people experience feelings of depression and anxiety at this time of year. Bored of the same old advice? Here’s some ways you can beat the January blues without exercise and dieting. 

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Team solving a puzzle together in an escape room challenge

May 01, 2018

Escape Room Team Building

There was a time when the terms “team building event” was good enough to strike terror into the soul of any white-collar worker. Images of forced amusement as reluctant employees attempted to sing like Madonna or channel their inner survival (Bear Grylls) on a Tough Mudders style assault course or worse signified the “previous plans” […]

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Girl having fun playing under the London snow

Jan 02, 2018

5 Winter experience ideas in London & Brighton

While your bellies may be full and heads may be a little heavy from all that burying in the sand, there’s still so many great winter experiences to be had. You have two choices, you could just coast along and get back to the drudgery of your daily routine or avoid those pesky January blues by getting your butt in gear and notching up some new experiences for 2018. 

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Facade of The World's End and The Hope pubs with hidden escape rooms

Nov 16, 2017

New Escape Rooms in London & Brighton

We are very pleased to announce that the Handmade Mysteries team have been busy creating more fantastic challenges and scenery across London and Brighton, leading to two new locations for our flagship game  Lady Chastity’s Reserve. The Hope in Central London and The World’s End in London Road, Brighton.

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Couple having a romantic time together by the beach

Sep 01, 2017

Creative date night ideas: Do something different in London or Brighton

Daydreaming about your bank holiday antics last weekend? Still buzzing after the Game of Thrones season finale? Avoid the temptation to order a curry or endlessly scroll for your next TV fix this weekend, we have some creative date night ideas in London and Brighton that will help you extend the good vibes, revive or ignite those honeymoon phase tingles and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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Crystal Maze mystery game players wearing the official jumpsuit

Aug 17, 2017

Crystal Maze style games without the jumpsuits

Whether you don’t fancy a nose dive into the unflattering fate of a jumpsuit or you’re looking for another fix after you play The Crystal Maze: we have a list of Crystal Maze style games that rock. Some we have played, some we have made, but all of these gems will help you turn those ‘busy life’ lemons into ‘let it go’ lemonade.

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Team of players having a great time with a hole lotta fun escape room mini game

Jul 22, 2017

Puzzle room psychology: The truth about our penchant for puzzle rooms

Over 2 million viewers tuned in to the return of The Crystal Maze last month and according to MarketWatch statistics there are now more than 2,800 permanent escape rooms, aka puzzle rooms, worldwide. As Patsy Palmer would put it, puzzle rooms are all the rage right now darling. But why we hear you cry? What is it about a good puzzle that gets us all so excited? Well, let’s find out.

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Game players at the Aztec zone of the new Crystal Maze reboot

Jun 22, 2017

New Zones: Behind the Scenes look at Crystal Maze Reboot

In the words of Eminem – guess who’s back, back again? Crystal Maze that’s who. After the success of the Stand Up to Cancer episode with Stephen Merchant, Crystal Maze reboot will be aired tomorrow on Channel 4 at 9pm. We go behind the scenes and bring you our lowdown on the new Crystal Maze zones, but also bring you some exclusive comments from set designer James Dillon…

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Handmade Mystery creators having fun while arranging props in place

Apr 05, 2017

The Making of a Handmade Mystery

As the man behind the Mysteries, Ben knows a thing or two about the line between madness and genius. As it turns out, the recipe for a perfect escape room calls for more than a little of both.

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Horse wearing shoes on all of its feet

Feb 24, 2017

How to Keep Your Sense of Wonder

Wonder is the most human of emotions. It inspires us to create, to push the boundaries of expectation and step outside of the ordinary. There are no limits to the number of awe-inspiring moments that can be had, yet so few of us prioritise the hunt for the unusual.

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Guy pointing at his butt trying to give a clue to his partner while playing a game with friends

Jan 19, 2017

5 reasons people love to play escape games

There is something wonderfully addictive about escape rooms. Like that first nibble on a Pringle, once you pop your escape room cherry, you just can’t stop. The escape game craze is at an all time high with a number of celebs joining the bandwagon including Obama, Chris Evans (Captain America) and Kristen Bell to name a few. Couple that with the confirmed revival of Crystal Maze on Channel 4 and the evidence is clear; people just love escape rooms. 

But, why do we love them? We decided to take a cheeky dive into escape room psychology and explore just that.

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Girl inside a mysterious foggy room checking a door she just opened.

Jan 12, 2017

Friday the 13th: Real life ghost stories

If creaky old furniture and the corpse of Lady Chastity wasn’t eerie enough, all of our escape rooms are hidden in the depths of historical pubs, rumoured to be haunted.  

Whether you’re a true believer in Friday the 13th and hiding out at home in bubble wrap, or think it’s a load of bollocks and running with scissors to prove a point; we have some ghostly tales and real-life experiences for you from those who have stayed up too late in the lair of Chastity.

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