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sam merry game host

Jun 07, 2019

Meet the Team: Enigmatic Game Host, Sam Merry

Returning to our ever popular meet the team series, we delve into the world of another team member – Sam Merry. A self-proclaimed oddball with a penchant for a book or ten, Sam may be one of our more diverse hosts but he’s a bit of an enigma. He also enjoys a good larp and […]

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Lady escape room host, Sam Smallwood.

Nov 18, 2018

Meet Escape Room Hostess With The Mostess, Sam Smallwood

It’s great to be back with our meet the team series and what better way to get back in the swing of things than with this gem of a host. A decent escape room is nothing without an epic escape game host and, while it does seem to be a male dominated occupation, Sam Smallwood […]

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Weird escape game host Slyme Slymey wearing make up and tattoos

Jan 12, 2018

Meet the Team: Wonderfully weird game host, Slyme Slymey

It’s our absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of our Brighton escape game hosts, Slyme Sylmey – aka Simon. He defines himself as a performer, actor, twisted cabaret clown, model, writer, poet, musician and idiot. Enough foreplay, let’s fondle his brain and discover what makes our Slyme Slymey tick.

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Game host Leon Simmonds wearing a mystical creature costume and a high class mystery man

Nov 20, 2017

Meet the team: Mystical game host, Leon Simmonds

Beyond his refreshing biological make-up and talents as an escape room host, Leon is also a magician and immersive performance artist. He’s also one of the masterminds behind ‘Riddles in the Dark’ – playful and entertaining shows that offer an escapist twist. Just like our escape rooms, all of Leon’s exploits playfully quench the thirst of an experience economy and push the boundaries of imagination. That’s enough teasing, grab a spoon and tuck in. After all, Leon loves a good spoon.

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Game host Gemma Tubbs playing a peak-a-boo box at a geeky Science room

Oct 27, 2017

Meet the team: playful game host, Gemma Tubbs

We return for another hearty serving of our meet the team series with a cheeky peek into the immersive world of Gemma Tubbs. Our very first lady game host who describes herself as ‘a big kid who loves dressing up and scaring people.’ A trained actress who recently scared the bejesus out of Amanda Holden and Ben Shepherd on This Morning as a zombie. Standard. Let’s get cracking shall we…

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Sep 17, 2017

Meet the team: Unconventional game host, Jason Lotro

To continue our meet the team series, we would like to introduce you to a game host who mostly frequents The Four Thieves Pub in South London as Gabriel, Jason Lotro. An experienced actor and musician who has many notches on his belt. When he’s not guiding players through Lady Chastity’s lair, Jason is featuring in choreographed fight scenes or weaving his spell as a multi-instrumentalist. Let’s get stuck in and find out what makes Jason tick.

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Game host with Kevin Flee with tall hat and beard holding a mysterious pendant clock

Aug 12, 2017

Meet the Team: Our Illustrious game host, Kevin Flee

Like Richard O’Brien to Crystal Maze the game host is just as important as the game itself. So, we are kicking off our new ‘meet the team’ interview series with an introduction to our very first maze master, Kevin Flee. Self-described as ‘kinda creepy but good with people’ when he is not busy scaring the Bejesus out of players, Kevin is a musician, actor and now a qualified yoga instructor – how very zen. Let’s get cracking shall we…

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