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Large Group Escape Games
Four young boys from Stranger Things staring at an unusual red sky event while on their bikes at the entrance to Hawkins

5 things we love about stranger things & want from the new series

The first series of Stranger Things may have had all the ingredients to make it an instant cult classic but with one generation hooked on Netflix and another full of 80’s nostalgia, Stranger Things has captured the hearts of the masses. So in preparation of series 2 released 27 October, here are the five things we love most about Stranger Things with a few hints of what we are hoping to get in the new series.

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Genius friends holding a flashlight to see the map that holds the key to their escape in the mystery game room

Corporate Team Building Games And Escape Rooms

Trying to find corporate team building ideas that are both productive and enjoyable can be challenging. Get it wrong and you could end up with bored yawns and employees completely disengaging with the task at hand. Get it right and you will get a surge of engagement from your employees, increasing morale but also increasing their sense of belonging to the team and business. That’s why so many businesses are now turning to gamification techniques and booking escape room experiences.

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Three friends surprised by a severed leg while playing a mystery game

5 Unusual group activities that won’t make you yawn

Whether you are the mug landed with the responsibility of organising your mates stag or hen do – – you know you regret it –  or the even bigger mug who volunteered to organise the next team building day at work. We have sieved through the ‘typical’ to find the ‘unexpected’ and come up with a list of 5 unusual group activities that won’t induce rolled eyes and yawns from your colleagues. Take your team along to one of these and not only will you be the mutt’s nuts for coming up with something epic, you will also get to enjoy the experience yourself. Win win.

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