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halloween escape room

13 Quirky Halloween Things to do in London 2019

It may be Halloween for us all year round, but we love any additional excuse we can find to ramp up our penchant for dark tales and twisted immersion – and what better time than the most magical night of the year? We’ve rounded up 13 (the spookiest number of them all) of the best […]

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Guy holding an open clock pendant.

Halloween Treat: Do You Want To Play A Little Game…?

Halloween is nearly upon us. Gather round, you pure, sweet darlings, you. Things are about to get twisted. On 31st October, All Hallows Eve, we’re going to be dialling up the scare factor in our escape games. Believe it or not we’re usually pretty gentle but get yourself a game over Halloween and you’ll get […]

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A couple checking a creepy escape room with blood stains on wall and a scary baby doll.

13 Halloween Events In London With A Twisted Twist

Truly it’s Halloween for us all year round so we love an excuse to ramp up our penchant for dark tales and twisted immersion. We’re not just bringing you any old list though, no no no. This year we have not only scoured the wonderful world of the interwebs to discover some top Halloween events […]

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