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Team Building

Our escape rooms and city adventure games are perfect for team building and any other type of corporate event. As well as being just plain fun, immersive gaming is proven to help boost team morale by helping connect people, easing anxiety between people in different roles. They also provide a safe space to fail. Upping engagement by making employees more likely to try things that in another environment would result in a ‘failure’.

Whether you’re looking to visit one of our fantastic pub venues or would like us to bring the fun to you, our Bookings and Events team will be happy to help create a tailored experience to suit your companies needs.

Two girls holding a chopped off limb in a London escape room

Dec 04, 2019

Last-minute Christmas party Ideas in London & Brighton

The best Christmas venues in London and Brighton with fancy chandeliers and three-course meals are probably booked up by the “corporates” and out of the picture for us mere mortals by now. Well, never fear because we’re here to save the day and bring you good news – all of our escape game venues are […]

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heathrow team building escape game

Sep 16, 2019

Heathrow staff play Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall can work in any business environment… including the busiest airport in Europe Playing a game where the objective is to save the world from a brain-infecting virus is a far cry from the normal daily life of an airport. Working with the public in a busy environment with stringent safety protocols does not […]

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operation mindfall 1

May 10, 2019

5 Winning Gamification in the Workplace Stories

Let’s be honest, the workplace isn’t really the place where we expect to be truly ‘happy’ in the drinking a cold bevy at the pub kinda way. That said, if there’s a way to lift the corporate cloud over our heads, have more fun and boost productivity in the process, we’ll take it. There’re lots […]

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pete jenkins gamification expert

Apr 25, 2019

Pete Jenkins: the benefits of gamification in the workplace

Employees are humans and, as humans, we are all unique. We have our own quirks, unique behaviours and working styles. No wonder so many leaders and HR professionals are often left scratching their heads on how they can make everyone happy. Pleasing everyone isn’t easy. The good news is that there is one thing that […]

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Gamification at Work

6 ways immersive gaming boosts employee morale

There are many factors that impact employee morale that comfortably fit within the realms of the workplace,  including pay increase, recognition and professional development. But what, we hear you cry, does immersive gaming have to do with it? Twenty years ago, the idea of play in the work environment would have been scoffed at. After […]

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