Team Building

Our escape rooms and city adventure games are perfect for team building and any other type of corporate event. As well as being just plain fun, immersive gaming is proven to help boost team morale by helping connect people, easing anxiety between people in different roles. They also provide a safe space to fail. Upping engagement by making employees more likely to try things that in another environment would result in a ‘failure’.

Whether you’re looking to visit one of our fantastic pub venues or would like us to bring the fun to you, our Bookings and Events team will be happy to help create a tailored experience to suit your companies needs.

Gamification at Work

6 ways immersive gaming boosts employee morale

There are many factors that impact employee morale that comfortably fit within the realms of the workplace,  including pay increase, recognition and professional development. But what, we hear you cry, does immersive gaming have to do with it? Twenty years ago, the idea of play in the work environment would have been scoffed at. After […]

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