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Do Something Different
Two single girls spending Valentine's day at the back of a truck

Anti Valentine’s Day ideas: single or not

Anti Valentine’s Day is now a thing. Whether you are looking for self-love inspiration, some Valentines night out ideas to enjoy with your mates or alternative date night ideas; we’ve got it all. So, dig in and pick your preferred hate Valentine’s Day activity this year.

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Burst shot of people going about London at a busy Christmas eve

6 quirky nights out in London to spice up your Christmas

Christmas may be close, but not everyone wants to frolic around in Christmas jumpers, photocopy their butt cheeks and dress up like a sexy Santa (we’re looking at you Kevin). Even if they do, we all need a little light, or even dark, relief now and then from the baubles, tinsel and festive cheer. If you’re planning a Christmas night out or looking ahead to the New Year then don’t follow the crowd, let us help you do something different. We’ve sifted through the glittery shit, beyond the festive cliches to seek out alternative and quirky nights out in London that could spice up your Christmas.

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Woman skeletons wearing red dress while tied at a stake in Brighton

5 Things to do Halloween Weekend in London & Brighton

Rather than leaving it until the last-minute this year and throwing a hissy when you can’t get into the best club nights, we have some top things to do Halloween weekend. So you can nab your tickets and turn that grumpy dejected frown into a slashed Joker grin.

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London gladiator fun play at bank holiday

5 Alternative things to do in London bank holiday weekend

The countdown to August bank holiday weekend has begun – yippee. So, what are you up to? Are you just gonna Netflix and chill or get your butt out the door and do something different? If you’re up for the latter then we have taken a dive into the worldly web for some unusual bank holiday ideas for you. So, instead of coasting along and doing the same old thing, you can bag yourself some new memories and do something different this August bank holiday weekend.

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Three friends surprised by a severed leg while playing a mystery game

5 Unusual group activities that won’t make you yawn

Whether you are the mug landed with the responsibility of organising your mates stag or hen do – – you know you regret it –  or the even bigger mug who volunteered to organise the next team building day at work. We have sieved through the ‘typical’ to find the ‘unexpected’ and come up with a list of 5 unusual group activities that won’t induce rolled eyes and yawns from your colleagues. Take your team along to one of these and not only will you be the mutt’s nuts for coming up with something epic, you will also get to enjoy the experience yourself. Win win.

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Girls holding up a bowling ball.

Do Something Different: Girls Night Ideas in London & Beyond

If are planning a night out with the girls and the idea of yet another meal out, pub crawl or clubbing doesn’t give you the tingles, we have some alternative hen night ideas and girls night out ideas that should hit the spot.

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Girl with tribal tattoo at a summer party

Alternative Summer Festivals with a Twist

Festival season is in full swing. If you’ve been watching Glastonbury highlights with green envy and missed out on tickets for the biggies this year, we have a list of affordable alternative festivals with a twist that are yet to come. So you can still have a festival experience this summer, without breaking the bank.

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Father, daughter and dolls having a tea party

6 Unique Things to Do on Father’s Day

Everyone has a different relationship with their Dad. Throw Step-Dad’s in the mix and sending a ‘World’s Best Daddy’ card doesn’t always feel natural, especially if you haven’t even spoken for a while. Whether you are really close with your Dad and up for rekindling childhood memories with some silliness or looking for a distraction to break the ice on the distance in your relationship; we have a list of unique things to do on Father’s Day, so you can create some real memories together.

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Guy hiding a bunch of flowers for his girlfriend

5 alternative date ideas for Valentine’s Day in London

Whatever your views are on Valentine’s Day it doesn’t have to be predictable. Instead of following the crowd with the same old cliches, you can make a stand against a corporate agenda and still keep your partner happy by doing something totally different.

Whether you are reluctantly searching for date ideas for Valentine’s Day that don’t suck or on a mission to impress a new love; we have some unique date ideas that will light or reignite that fire. Single? All of these ideas are not exclusive to couples, get a group of friends together and jump on in.

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Groom touching bride's bum

Shake things up a bit with these silly date night ideas

Is a cheeky Nando’s just not cutting it anymore? Losing your way in a ongoing sea of Netflix and chill? Or tired of arguing about whether you should watch a rom com or the latest Marvel film at the cinema? Whether you are planning a first date, a Tinder fling or just looking to shake things up a bit with the old ball and chain, here are a few silly date night ideas in London or Brighton that might tickle your pickle.

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