Do Something Different

7 Anti-adulting activities for big kids

Adulting sucks. The bubble of staying up late, eating what you want and being able to legally drink quickly bursts. Soon you realise you have to work in the morning, junk food makes you fat and hangovers last days rather than hours. Now, us old blighters (by that we mean anyone over the age of […]

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Girl friends standing in a vintage car while parked at Moulin Rouge in Paris, France.

5 quirky Valentine’s Day ideas – whatever your status!

Valentine’s Day 2019 is approaching fast. Queue loved up couples everywhere you turn and shoddy flowers and crap chocolates quadrupling in price. Not to mention there’s that one sour person proclaiming “it’s all a con by the card companies”… Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re planning a date for your swipe right match […]

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5 quirky and immersive 2019 events you won’t want to miss

Now that Christmas 2018 has faded into the distance along with our New Year hangovers, 2019 has left us broke, overweight and with little to look forward to – diddums. You could stay inside feeling sorry for yourself, bingeing on Netflix and breaking your New Year’s resolutions or you could have a gander at what’s […]

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Mysterious woman playing a new game of covering her face with a smiley.

New year new you: do something different in 2019

Eat less, drink less, exercise more – yawn. Let’s be honest, the main reason you reach for those extra helpings and gulp down more pints is a desire to switch off and escape your monotonous existence.  Whether you’re reluctantly returning to work or tired of the same faces in the same old places, we have […]

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Students having fun at a Christmas party

6 Alternative Christmas Party Ideas to Shake Things Up in 2018

Are you ready to get off the gravy train and try something different for Christmas this year? Well, here’s some alternative Christmas party ideas to help you smash those boring bauble induced plans and shake things up this year.

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A flexing female santa and two gentlemen wearing tall hats.

Unusual Work Christmas Party Ideas With A Live Experience Twist

Yes, people it’s time. The ads have begun and the time is nigh. You really need to sort out that work Christmas party but, we implore you, don’t take the easy option and book a boring old meal with DJ and clubbing. Come a little closer… closer still, that’s it – until your eyes are […]

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Retro arcade gaming at Four Quarters bar.

10 Quirky Pubs With Games In London

London is steeped in history and culture, and the pubs are no exception. Better yet, so many pubs are now stepping up their game, transforming them into one stop spots for entertainment, which, beyond decent grub and ale, includes gaming. If you’re more partial to a night having a giggle with some games at the […]

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A couple checking a creepy escape room with blood stains on wall and a scary baby doll.

13 Halloween Events In London With A Twisted Twist

Truly it’s Halloween for us all year round so we love an excuse to ramp up our penchant for dark tales and twisted immersion. We’re not just bringing you any old list though, no no no. This year we have not only scoured the wonderful world of the interwebs to discover some top Halloween events […]

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Girl enjoying the August holiday weekend.

5 Alternative August Bank Holiday Weekend Ideas

August is almost over and so the countdown to the end of Summer begins – sigh. But before we pack up our BBQs and reluctantly discontinue our beachside antics, we have one final bank holiday blowout to make the most of. So, don’t be a melt and stay inside this year or do the same […]

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Guy walking a street with good wall painting

6 Pop ups & alternative things to do in London

Finding alternative things to do in London wasn’t always so easy, but the pop-up trend and increased popularity of immersive gaming has made things a little more interesting. If anything now there are so many pop ups and alternative things to do n London, it’s difficult to know where to start.  Well, we can’t have you going into a head spin and ending up down the local can we? Whether you just love a good pop up or just want to do something different for once, we have a list of 6 unusual things to do and quirky pop ups in London.    

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Two single girls spending Valentine's day at the back of a truck

Anti Valentine’s Day ideas: single or not

Anti Valentine’s Day is now a thing. Whether you are looking for self-love inspiration, some Valentines night out ideas to enjoy with your mates or alternative date night ideas; we’ve got it all. So, dig in and pick your preferred hate Valentine’s Day activity this year.

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Burst shot of people going about London at a busy Christmas eve

6 quirky nights out in London to spice up your Christmas

Christmas may be close, but not everyone wants to frolic around in Christmas jumpers, photocopy their butt cheeks and dress up like a sexy Santa (we’re looking at you Kevin). Even if they do, we all need a little light, or even dark, relief now and then from the baubles, tinsel and festive cheer. If you’re planning a Christmas night out or looking ahead to the New Year then don’t follow the crowd, let us help you do something different. We’ve sifted through the glittery shit, beyond the festive cliches to seek out alternative and quirky nights out in London that could spice up your Christmas.

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