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9th February 2018

Anti Valentine’s Day ideas: single or not

Anti Valentine’s Day is now a thing. A concept that has evolved from couples going against the corporate pedals, or singles sick of the lovey dovey bull reminders of their lonesome existence. Whether you are looking for self-love inspiration, some Valentine’s night out ideas to enjoy with your mates or alternative date night ideas; we’ve got it all. So, dig in and pick your preferred hate Valentine’s Day activity this year.

1. Road trip! Just drive and get lost together

Planning tends to kill the mood in the bedroom, so why make the same mistake with your anti Valentine’s day activities. Ditch the map, turn your phones off, pack the boot with food, drinks and perhaps a tent just in case – then get lost together.

Discover new places, stop when you feel like it and most of all just be free from the shackles of your daily life or pretentious Valentine’s Day cliches. Another activity that works whether you’re a couple or a couple of singletons looking to escape. Just don’t forget to include a kick ass road trip playlist.

2. Anti Valentine’s Day in Farringdon, London

 image: bouncepingpong.com/farringdon image: bouncepingpong.com/farringdon

It’s all happening in Farringdon apparently. On Weds 14th February this year get a bunch of your mates together and kick off with some grub, pre-drinks and an escape game at our new London venue, The Hope. Then just head up Charterhouse Street to join an Anti Valentine’s Day party at Bounce in Farringdon. Lady Chastity and our game host Gabriel will be happy to help you escape the Valentine’s Day madness and get you in the mood for more Anti Valentine’s Day antics. The party at Bounce is also put on in collaboration with Bumble, so there will be unlimited ping pong and wonderball, pizza, UV face panting, an incredible single DJ and a no PDA policy. Perfect for anyone single on Valentine’s Day you even get to keep your ‘Romance Rebels’ mugshots as a souvenir.

3. Have a good rant or revel in others dating fails

 Image: smudgedlipstick.co.uk Image: smudgedlipstick.co.uk

Why succumb to the cliche romantic crap on Valentine’s Day when you could listen to this hilarious collection of dating fails. The Looking Glass cocktail club in Shoreditch hate Valentine’s Day, so they put on their anti Valentine’s event every year namely Color Me Badd Dates – Anti Valentine’s Day. Hosted by Smudged Lipstick, the evening is a chance to share your most ridiculous and cringey dates in a cool East London location.

Basically it’s an open mic night embracing cringe-worthingly bad dating fails that we’ve all experienced whilst navigating through world of singledom. In addition to sharing your hatred for Valentine’s Day there will be drinks specials, luxury giveaways and a promise of unpredictable hilarity. Nuff said really.

4. Stage an all day home lock in & do F all

You know what, the best way to hide away from a mass obsession for PDA and romance is to stay at home. Couples, singles or groups alike. Lock those doors, put on your most unflattering comfy ensemble and do F all. Get some board games out, have a Netflix binge, your favourite snacks and tipple and if you couples can be bothered fit in some naughty time. Phones, tablets and laptops off though – this is your time to get inside that bubble and hide from the world.

5. Get your pub gaming on

There was a time when a pub was just a pub. A place to rest your hat, swig your pint and listen to yet another hair brained story from Bob, the local resident drinker and teller of random stories. Now gaming and pubs have had their own love story and decided to copulate in locations across the UK. Our favourite gaming pubs are:

  • People’s Park Tavern, East London
  • The Four Thieves, Clapham
  • The World’s End, Brighton

They all have a gang bang of games including VR, retro gaming, mini golf, RC racing and none other than Lady Chastity’s Reserve – our infamous escape room. The perfect anti Valentine’s Day venue for couples, singles or groups.

Just be happy with yourself…

Whatever you decide to do and whatever your relationship status, just be kind to yourself and be happy. We’d like to finish off proceedings with a heartfelt poem from our single game creator Ben Tucker:

To all singletons. Today is the day you love yourself.

Take your hand by the hand and show yourself how much you mean to you.

Deliver yourself true love, happiness and domino’s pizza without judgement or remorse.

Today is your day all for you, so enjoy it because one day you may have to share it, and that’s just a ball ache.

Got it? Good. Now go forth and hate on Valentine’s in style.