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1st June 2019

7 cheeky things to do in Brighton this summer

If there’s ever a time to really let your hair down in Brighton, it’s the summer. The city is long known for its debauched reputation, owing to the great Prince Regent (later King George IV) bringing an air of flamboyance and fun to the city that even 200 years later hasn’t showed any sign of disappearing. But this time of year things really get wild, with more nudity and good vibes than any other season. Sun’s out, buns out – it’s time to get cheeky.

Get your rocks off on Brighton’s seafront

brighton beach walks

Brighton’s seafront is proper lush, with more than 10million tourists coming to the city every year to lap up the sun’s rays on the beaches. But not many take the trip east past the Marina — and they’re massively missing out. The 5km journey from Brighton’s Marina to Saltdean takes cyclists and ramblers past turquoise seas similar to those you’d find in the Algarve, and a stunning set of rock groynes and pools that are perfect for pretending you’re somewhere a bit more exotic.

Get your nips out at Brighton’s world naked bike ride

brighton naked bike ride

It’s lewd, it’s nude, and it’s a butt load of fun (literally). Brighton’s famous Naked Bike Ride is back this year on Sunday 9th June, with thousands of people descending upon Preston Park for a naked “protestival” ride through the city — followed by a refreshing sea swim and afterparty on the beach. Brighton has joined the World Naked Bike Rides every year since 2006, celebrating cycling and the human body while protesting car culture. If events in various states of undress are your thing, there are also plenty more opportunities to get your kit off for good causes through the summer, with Free the Nipple and Glitter Nips on the Saturday 22nd June, and a number of pants parties popping up over the next few months. Viva la revolución!

Save the world with Operation Mindfall at The Walrus

brighton operation mindfall summer game

Make like your inner James Bond and embark on a thrilling quest to save the world with Operation Mindfall, a street game to test your wits and abilities. Using a range of gadgets, for two hours treasure hunters will unlock clues hidden around the city in this immersive game spread across Brighton. It might be the most fun thing you do this summer – after all, everyone knows there’s no better way to make the most of the longer summer days than by making a twat of yourself in public.

Swing your wood and flash your Globalls

globalls brighton

Whether it’s a romp around on the beach at Jungle Rumble, or a quick 12-hole glow-in-the-dark round among dinosaurs at Globalls, crazy golf is a great option for a quick and fun activity for all ages. Owing to its proximity to the beach, mini-golfers can also make the most of the good weather with a beach BBQ or picnic to relax after all that hard work. Repeat after us: we like big putts and we can not lie.

Big flicks and chill at The Luna Beach Cinema

luna beach cinema

Get a little cheeky on the beach this summer with the biggest outdoor screen in the city returning for another year. The Luna Beach Cinema is back this summer, bringing with it some of the biggest movies of the last 12 months including A Star is Born, Green Book and Aladdin, plus classics such as Pretty Woman, Top Gun and Grease. Cinema screenings kick off from the 31st July, preceded by Love Island: The Experience – a chance to watch the hit show on the beach, complete with photo ops by the fire-pit, Love Island cocktails and visits from former contestants.

Taste the rainbow at Brighton’s Pride

brighton pride

The country’s biggest (and arguably the best) Pride event is coming back the first weekend of August, bringing with it raucous street parties and a parade which celebrates everything LGBT+. Pride in the Park is once again ticketed, but that doesn’t mean you have to be minted to have any fun – there’ll be heaps going on throughout the city. But those who have tickets? Get on your short shorts and get ready to get grooving to some Kylie, baby!

Catch some ghoul-on-ghoul action in The Lanes

brighton ghost walk 1

They say the building of new developments often brings about paranormal activity, but do spooky beings dwell in Brighton’s newest thoroughfare, Hannington Lane? Find out if you dare with a ghost walk through Brighton’s deepest secrets – you may uncover more than you bargained for. Running every Wednesday to Saturday evening, Ghost Walk of the Lanes circles the city’s oldest pub and site of multiple ghostly sightings and poltergeist activity. There’s no need to book, just turn up!

Now get off your ass and enjoy the summer!

brighton summer thingstodo operation mindfall

With seven vastly different things to do over the coming months, our list promises a spectacular summer to remember! If you’re heading to the capital, you can also check out our list of quirky outdoor activities in London or discover more reasons to play our city adventure game Operation Mindfall. That’s it, stop scrolling and get your bums in gear. Bring on the summer!