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27th February 2019

7 Anti-adulting activities for big kids

Adulting sucks. The bubble of staying up late, eating what you want and being able to legally drink quickly bursts. Soon you realise you have to work in the morning, junk food makes you fat and hangovers last days rather than hours. Now, us old blighters (by that we mean anyone over the age of 20) have to earn the money, look after the kids and function in this world. Hang on though, we also still wanna have fun and get silly. The good news is London is packed with amazing ways to embrace your inner big kid.

Whether it’s due to the uncertain economic climate, our recent penchant for nostalgia or our childhoods actually being pretty awesome in hindsight, people are anti-adulting. If you’re like us and would rather watch cartoons and climb trees than worry about your mortgage, here are 7 anti-adulting activities for you big kids.

1. Bounce around like a sugar addict at Jump Giants

It doesn’t matter how well you keep in shape or how young at heart you are, the older you get the less athletic you become. It’s nature, basic science and a constant reminder that you’re slowly plodding towards your dreary end. How sad.

Jump Giants know how to make you feel young again. Clue – it’s in the name. With over 115,000 square feet of interconnected trampolines you can throw yourself across the room in pure exhilaration. Featuring basketball hoops to help you make ridiculously op dunks and foam zones to dive into from insane jumps. Jump Giants also offers extreme dodgeball and Wipe Out style challenges. You’ll be acrobatically moving like you didn’t even need that third coffee this morning.

2. Free that inquisitive mind at Dino Snores for Grown-ups

If your secret place of solace as a child was a museum, then Dino Snores for Grown-ups could be the childhood fantasy you never realised you had. Settle in with a welcome drink and camp up before getting ready for a night of antics catering to all big kids. Those who prefer exploration can tour the galleries and exhibitions, followed by some gin sampling. Others who may wish for a slightly less taxing night can watch live music and stand up comedy. There’s even a three course dinner available. Just don’t confuse it with the edible insect tasting as that’s there too! With a huge array of activities, you’ll be running around until morning. Just make sure you get your nap in or you’ll be cranky the next day!

3. Drive like a lunatic with Ice Karting

Kart racing is fun but once you’ve done it a couple of times, it becomes as mundane as driving your car to work. Nothing quite beats that first time elation of zooming around on a mini track like a real life Mario. Watch out for blue shells!

However, Queens reckon they’ve solved this issue with Ice Karting. Ever driven in the snow and felt your heart jump from your chest cavity as you slide on some ice? Imagine that feeling created with Go-Karts. All the palm sweating, adrenaline high  without having to worry about your no-claims bonus as you careen into the tires. 6 – 8 karts run per session so either race your mates or compete against whoever else decided to turn up that day. Maybe you’ll get a podium position, or maybe you’ll be heading to the sin bin rinkside bar as a consolation prize. Let us hear you sing it “let it go, let it go…”

4. Go wild at Ballie Ballerson

Featuring over 1 million balls and the most meme inspired name since the snow gritter named David Plowie, Ballie Ballerson is a bar featuring balls, cocktails, dance floors and ball pits. And more balls.

While the big selling point of Ballie Ballerson is, well, its balls, it also features a retro bar featuring some of your favorite flavours from your childhood. Their unique in-house cocktails taste like your sweetest flavoured candy from yesteryear, just with a lot more alcohol in them. They even have a sensational sherbert drink called (we kid you not) Dibbie Dabberson. After you’ve had your fill of Dibbie Dabberson, dance the night away like a kid in front of a camcorder – it’s like a GoPro but your dad owns one – and try to not fall over.

You will. At least twice.

5.  Make something pretty at Biscuiteers

If a rainy saturday smells like cookies in the oven then there are two outcomes. There is either something seriously wrong with you and you need an MRI scan, or you yearn for the days of baking sweet treats with your family. Fortunately the Biscuiteers ‘biscuit boutique’ host a drop-in icing cafe where you can decorate your edibles of choice. Either let your creativity run wild or take part in an icing lesson. Just don’t wolf them all down before you take some pics. Instalicious!

If you’re not the creative type however, don’t fret. Beautifully designed biscuits are available to be taken home and they’re made the old-fashioned way, just like mum/dad/other family member used to make!

6.  Perfect your morning grind at House of Vans

Gone are the days when skateboarding was for kids. Now for every pre-teen you see on a board there’s also a hipster in a fedora gliding down the road trying not to spill a latte. But if you’re the type of person whose balance on a board disappeared as soon as puberty struck, House of Vans is the place to try and rekindle your skills.

The underground venue has workshops and lessons on but you can also drop in on free skate sessions. If you’re struggling however, then there is also a live music stage, a cafe, bars and a cinema space. Hopefully you’ll be busting Ollies again in no time. Otherwise you’ll probably be busting your knee-caps. Wear protective gear for this one – being wheeled away on a stretcher due to a skateboarding mishap is never a good look.

7. Become a spy and save the world with Operation Mindfall

If all else failed as a kid, you could always just get lost in your imagination. You could run outside, create whole worlds that needed saving and still be home for tea. While most of us struggle to do this with our feeble adult minds, augmented reality technology can give our imaginations a push in the right direction.Take our immersive street game Operation Mindfall, it’s so real and immersive you’d think you were on a mission to save the world! A terrorist organisation known as Spider Tech has developed a virus that infects the human brain, giving the terrorists full control over the victim’s mind. You and your team will have 120 minutes in the heart of the city to locate the antidote and stop them from unleashing chaos and destruction across the globe. All helped with a little dose of augmented reality.

Operation Mindfall can be played in two locations – either St James of Bermondsey in Bermondsey or The Walrus in Brighton.

Time to uncage your inner child and get silly

Don’t be forced to grow up too quick. Spend your free time anti-adulting and you can be as young as you feel. Now, excuse us while we put on our slippers and drink a nice mug of tea with Eastenders. After all, we want to be in bed by 9.30pm!

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