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2nd January 2018

5 Winter experience ideas in London & Brighton

Christmas and New Year may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun times have to stop. While your bellies may be full and heads may be a little heavy from all that burying in the sand, there’s still so many great winter experiences to be had.

So, what’s it going to be? Are you going to just coast along and get back to the drudgery of your daily routine or avoid those pesky January blues by getting your butt in gear and notching up some new experiences for 2018. Feeling the latter? Good. Here’s a few top winter experiences in London and Brighton to get you started.

1. Visit a cultural car park in Peckham

What was once a derelict multi-storey car park has now been transformed into a cultural playground in the heart of Peckham’s creative district.  With seven levels of culture, the ultimate goal for this cultural car park is to showcase local talent and offer affordable workspace to artists and entrepreneurs. But that’s not all, The Peckham Levels also has a range of creative studios and floors designed solely for creative design or media and a range of street food, bars and cafes. There’s even a children’s play area, hair salon and yoga for those who have young families or just want a convenient place to socialise. While The Peckham Levels has only been around since November 2015, the space will continue to evolve and expand, promoting creative ideas and helping independent traders thrive.

Find out more: peckhamlevels.org

2. Harry Potter’s new digs in Brighton

If you know your Muggle from your Moaning Myrtle and you’re too poor to see the Harry Potter studio tour, Oliver’s in Brighton is the place for you. Nested between the trendy cafes, hipster clothes stores and vintage shops (featuring hipsters) is a Harry Potter esque vendor selling all your favourite wands, broomsticks and robes. Or to you Muggles, overpriced sticks, cleaning equipment and school uniforms. One customer said:

“It’s perfect isn’t it – Brighton would have a lot of wizards I think. It’s probably the only place where you could walk down the street in wizard’s robes and no-one would bat an eyelid.”

The shop is not directly affiliated with Harry Potter or Warner Bros, but it’s decorated to resemble one of the otherwordly boutiques in Diagon Alley from the Potter universe. Visiting the shop in the winter will help you continue the festive vibes. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your wands, broomsticks, galleons, spend your sickles and grab your knuts.

Find out more: oliversbrighton.co.uk

3. Get your skates on in Canary Wharf

Situated in Canada Square Park, the Canary Wharf Ice rink is open for its annual 16 weeks of skating fun until the 24th February. With an 80 metre long rink and a skate path taking visitors through a series of twinkling trees, the Ice Rink is fun for all the family. Except those who break bones easily, are terrified of slicing off a finger or three, are nihilists, or generally hate any form of exercise.

There’s a dedicated children’s rink to help the little one’s learn and novice skaters who are worried they will spend more time arse to ice can book a session or two to help save some embarrassment. However, if the combination of ice and sharp blades doesn’t take your fancy, you can always find a seat at the winter themed bar and proceed to get lit up like a christmas tree. Entertainment is provided by having a good chuckle at the uncoordinated masses flailing on ice. Think of it as a bit like youtube fail videos, only with a better picture resolution.

Find out more: icerinkcanarywharf.co.uk

4. Winter friendly beach bars in Brighton

One of the best things about Brighton is that heading to the beach bars is not a summer exclusive activity. Sniff out the sea and make your way to a nice long stretch of great beach bars, including Brighton Music Hall, which is always a winter winner hosting Britain’s largest heated beach terrace. While you won’t be feeling like you’re in the Caribbean, at least you won’t have to worry about frostbitten fingers. Speaking of the Caribbean, Riki Tik Beach Bar is also a highlight and on route you can stop by Fortune of War and The Tempest Inn; both great pubs with lovely food, views and cosy nooks or outdoor heating to warm your cockles. Not got the budget? Well, wrap up warm and fill that flask with a nice hot drink and have a winter warming beachside picnic.

Find out more with a Google search of Brighton beach bars.

5. Cosy up in an escape room in London or Brighton

If there’s one great big perk to our escape rooms in the winter, it’s that they are toasty warm and welcoming, well as welcoming as an eerie Victorian boudoir and twisted workshop can be of course. Escape rooms are an indoor activity you can enjoy in the winter with the same mind-blowing potential as any outdoor experience in the summer. Better yet, there’s plenty to choose from. Our flagship escape game Lady Chastity’s Reserve hosts up to 6 players and can be found at 4 different locations in London and Brighton:

  • The People’s Park Tavern in East London
  • The Hope Pub in Central London
  • The Four Thieves Pub in South London
  • The Worlds End Pub in Brighton

Take your pick of these historical pubs and torches in hand our game host Gabriel will lure you into Lady Chastity’s boudoir hidden in the dark corners of the pub. Surrounded by haunted trinkets and puzzled webs the ghost of Lady Chastity will tease you with some stories of old. Helping you to solve the clues, so you can rally together to win a bottle of her finest wine.

If you’ve already weaved Lady Chastity’s web, then we also have a brand spanking new game Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop at The Depot in North London. A throwback nightmare of haunting dolls, wonky toys and twisted riddles guided by our wind up toy host Wynee and ventriloquist dummy Oki.

Whatever game takes your fancy, winter is the perfect time to get in some pub game time and all of our pub locations have plenty more perks to pick at including mini golf, retro gaming, VR booths, tasty menus, DJ’s and amply stocked bars for your guzzling pleasure.

Just choose your game to get started.    

Whoosh into 2018 with some winter experiences

Christmas and New Year can really take it out of you, not to mention your wallet! But don’t let go too much and miss out on all the amazing winter experiences still to be had. Even if you just wrap up warm and head out to discover new places with your friends and family, make an effort to experience something new so that you whoosh yourselves into 2018 and start as you mean to go on.

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