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15th July 2017

5 Unusual group activities that won’t make you yawn

Group Activities

There was a time when paintballing or go-karting was new and exciting, now? Not so much. There is no better way to inspire some team bonding than to experience something new together, but trying to find new things to do with your mates or colleagues isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Whether you are the mug landed with the responsibility of organising your mates stag or hen do – – you know you regret it –  or the even bigger mug who volunteered to organise the next team building day at work. We have sieved through the ‘typical’ to find the ‘unexpected’ and come up with a list of 5 unusual group activities that won’t induce rolled eyes and yawns from your colleagues. Take your team along to one of these and not only will you be the mutt’s nuts for coming up with something epic, you will also get to enjoy the experience yourself. Win win.

1. Rev those engines at a Monster Truck Rally Kart Experience

Monster Truck experience

Sod those teeny tiny go-karts, do some real damage and exercise that ego at a Monster Truck and Rally Kart Experience with Red Letter Days. There you will meet Grizzly; the full sized American-Spec Monster truck who wants to give you the ride of your life. With the wheels alone standing at 5’6” and a mahoosive engine that’s bigger than that hangover that swore you off tequila for life.

After a safety briefing and tutorial from an experienced instructor, you will take a drive through the beautiful Sussex countryside, and proceed to leave it in ruins – Max Max style. There will be tears. There will be blood. There will be Jeffrey from Finance sobbing uncontrollably in the corner. Oh, and if that isn’t jerking your gherkin, you can always jump into a 400cc rally kart. Nuff said. By the end of the experience, the only problem you may have is your work mates thinking you’re needing to ‘compensate’ for something.

2. Get your detective on and solve a crime while you dine

 Photo: MyDays.de Photo: MyDays.de

If you’re the type of person who air guitars to The Who when CSI comes on, not only are you a brilliant human being – we doff our hat to you – you are also likely to have a penchant for solving crimes. Queue our next unusual group activity Crime and Dine where you, err – crime and dine. Perfect for CSI and Forensic Scientist buffs that like their grub, in between courses you will be guided through an investigation and dust for clues or check for fingerprints – hopefully not on your meal. Without spoiling the full surprise, you will even be given FBI software to create a photo fit of one of the suspects.

As a fully mobile event with a free venue finding service, the only reason this would not be a team night option is if you were keeping your head down. And let’s face it, a lot of you shady ol’ bastards probably are.

3. Challenge your minds at an Exit Room in London

You and your colleagues spend most of your weekdays sharing a mutual desire to eventually exit on Friday, so why not put those skills to good use with an exit room experience? They are basically Crystal Maze style team building games, which are also known as escape rooms or puzzle rooms. The general gist is that you all get locked in a room full of mysterious clues and have to solve the clues to escape the room. Simple right? Well, that depends on the game and the team – or the level of alcohol you have consumed. It’s going to take real teamwork to actually escape, which is why playing an exit room is a great way to inspire some team bonding.

We have several pub locations for our puzzle rooms in London and Brighton. You can play Lady Chastity at The Black Lion in Brighton, People’s Park Tavern in East London and The Four Thieves in South London. All of those locations also have plenty of other great perks including epic pub gardens, tasty menus, DJs, an RC racetrack, mini golf and retro arcade. We also recently launched our brand new exit room Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop at The Depot in North London. Reckon your team has what it takes to solve the clues and, well, walk out of a room together in gleeful victory? Yes, we know you see that every Friday. But in our gaff you can win wine.

4. Face the apocalypse together and kill some zombies in a mall

We know what you’re thinking – shopping and zombies? Well, not quite. This 4-hour Zombie Shopping Mall experience will have you working fast and firing heavy duty airsoft weapons around an abandoned shopping mall. Yes abandoned, so no stop offs for window browsing or “ooh I like those shoes” unless you want to get eaten by zombies.

We’ve all got a plan for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Except for those of you who will be eviscerated by the hordes of dead people who, in a sweet irony, you probably once knew and loved. However, if you believe you have perfectly planned your future escapades from those lumbering corpses or rabid World War Z biters – then what could be better than a night with a ragtag group of people you’re forced to spend 40 hours a week with reenacting Dawn of the Dead? While you won’t get to bludgeon brains and decapitate the dead – as this would lead to a pretty high staff turnover – you won’t come much closer to committing zombicide until Day-Z arrives.

5. Reach new heights together with a Flyboarding experience

 Photo:  3rd Eye Photographer   Photo:  3rd Eye Photographer

If you are looking for unusual group activity ideas that won’t induce a ‘been there done that’ chorus from the team, then this is likely to be new to most. Either due to a lack of lakes on a standard night out or scepticism that it is even possible to indeed fly. If you are at a loss, flyboarding kind of has Back to the Future vibes about it with a watery twist. Other than being designed to make you look like a crap superhero, the innovative piece of tech can have you jumping and soaring around up to 10 metres above the water.

Designed for everyone from newbies to the experienced, at this Flyboarding Experience by Experience Mad an instructor will teach you the basic principles on land before you suit up and prepare to impress or reenact a very dramatic drowning sequence at speed. Either way if you come up with this idea your colleagues will think you’re the ducks nuts. See what we did there?

We highly recommend getting this one out of the way before you start drinking though. There is nothing clever about a tipsy dude shooting across the lake at jet powered speed – actually perhaps you should get the boss a couple of shots beforehand just for the giggles?

Are you ready for a unique team bonding experience?

If you dig deep enough there are plenty of unusual team building activities for large groups, these are just a few of our faves. So, don’t do the same old shiz, give your colleagues or employees an experience they will never forget with one of these gems.

For more ideas you can also check out our recent blog on alternative things to do in London or follow us on Twitter for more updates @HM_Mysteries.