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21st February 2020

5 Reasons Why Locke and Key fans will Love Escape Rooms

Storm Dennis, high winds, wet weather. You would be forgiven for spending your weekends huddled under a blanket in front of your TV, laptop or another shiny reflective device of your choosing. Chances are you’ve also been Netflix bingeing Locke & Key, a show good enough to give Stranger Things a run for its crown. If not, where have you been? We’ll have to ask you to jog on – your eyes are not yet worthy to glide across these here words. Plus we don’t want to spoil this cracker of a series. That said, we know you’re probably going to read it anyway, so we’ve been careful not to add too many spoilers. Yeah, we know your game! 

Speaking of games, we couldn’t help feel the escape room vibes throughout the series, so if you haven’t yet ventured into the world of escape games yet (spoiler alert – they’re awesome), here’s five reasons why any fan of Locke and Key will want to get in on the game and play an escape room!

1. Room based puzzle exploration is key

While most escape rooms aren’t as big as the Key house and don’t tend to lead to your demise, the puzzle exploration in Locke & Key is uncannily similar to an escape room experience. Hunting for keys that whisper to you? Searching in every unexpected nook and cranny for the next possible clue? Stopping a demon from terrorising you? Well, replace the demon for one of our game hosts and you’ve basically got an escape room. Except for maybe the whispering keys – we only bring those out on Thursday’s –  but you know, at least you’ll get a bottle of wine if you win when you play our game, Lady Chastity’s Reserve!

lady chastity skull

Lady Chastity’s Reserve: Escape room in London and Brighton

2. Team bonding vibes all the way

In Locke and Key, you have 3 siblings with very different personalities that become united by two things; the death of their father and some “dodgy” key obsessed woman/man/spirit thing. While it’s not necessary for escape room contestants to be going through mutual grief – mainly for legal reasons – the intense feeling that just about “anything” could happen is a certainty. Besides, if you don’t get out of a Handmade Mysteries escape room, you’re in danger of not winning a bottle of red, and that’s pretty intense shit – we have seen things man. So, grab some bevies with your team beforehand and work out your strengths and weaknesses (and we don’t mean whether Janet is bad with money and Sandra slept with Julie’s husband), so you can work together under pressure and win as a bonded team. You’ll all be closer and better off for it. Except maybe Sandra and Julie – sorry guys!

3. Adrenaline junkies just love us

It may not be jumping out of a plane or strapping an elasticated rope around your ankles but an escape room can get your heart racing. Working under pressure with the timer ticking, sweat dripping down your brow as you frantically claw at the crazy shit around you, hoping something will lead you to solve the next clue. Like watching Locke and Key, you’ll be ever so slightly mildly terrified but with just the right measure of curious and excited at the same time. Plus, the nightmarish faces of our game hosts will haunt your dreams and leave you waking up in cold sweats if you fail to win that bottle of wine. Seriously, it’s good stuff! But also – we’re not that scary really. Please come play with us!

lady chastity copy 2

Trinkets and objects from Lady Chastity’s Reserve escape room

4. Immersive worlds help you escape reality

We’ve all been there – immersed in a series which has completely pulled us out of reality. You’re completely sucked into a fantasy world that you’re not aware of your surroundings, the time or even your own name. Heck, by the third straight episode of Locke and Key we were so oblivious we had even forgotten to check our phones – shock horror. Well except Gemma, who was technically watching it on her phone. Anyway, with most escape rooms having a no phone rule, the immersive settings will leave you only worrying about one thing – using your noggin to get out of whatever devilish escape room you’re tackling. Besides think of it as an incentive; the quicker you escape, the quicker you can take a team selfie and prove to your Instagram followers you’re epic and do interesting things. 

5. Escape room teams are all fantasy nerds at heart

Were you the type of kid who was reading Tolkien and Asimov in your breaks? Playing Dungeons and Dragons or vanilla World of Warcraft for hours in your spare time? Did you binge the whole of Locke and Key? Well, you massive nerds, rejoice! The geeks may have inherited the Earth but us nerds inherited today’s pop culture. Escape room creators know this and have created rooms for every sort of fantasy available. Whether you like your typical fantasy landscapes, science fiction, superheroes or a bit of the supernatural, there is an escape room to suit you. While you can do them as an individual, we would recommend banding together with another bunch of nerds to get the best out of it – anyone who attempts it alone tends to end up bouncing off the walls like a lone lemming.

lady chastity escape room player quotes 1

An escape room team that won the prize!

Are you ready to unlock your inner escape room player?

Well, much like their mother’s inability to retain memory, that’s a lot to take in. But it doesn’t have to as complicated as monitoring the tide for the sea caves, if you loved Locke and Key, you’ll love playing an escape room. So, why not give it a whirl and book a game now. Do it soon and you can get 10% off with our February discount code FEB10.