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18th April 2019

5 reasons to play street game Operation Mindfall

When you consider your plans for the weekend ahead donning spy gear and running around the city trying to save the world from a fictional all out biowarfare probably doesn’t make it to the list. But it should. Many gaming folk love our escape rooms for their immersive stories, theatrics and scenery but did you also know we have a street game? Yes son. We have taken our twisted ways of bending minds and helping people escape their mere mortal existence onto the streets.

Operation Mindfall is a 2-hour outdoor street game that begins at your chosen pub mission base in London or Brighton. There you will be invited to grab a drink before meeting Agent X who will assign you the mission objectives and necessary spy gear to find your target. You can find out more about the game or scroll on down for the reasons why it’s a good idea to throw your hat in our sumptuously mysterious ring.

1. It’s the first street game in London and Brighton with AR technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is cropping up everywhere at the moment, but we are the first to integrate the technology into a street game in London and Brighton. Not sure what we’re going on about? Essentially AR is a way to weave technology into the real environment, so if you hold your spyware iPad over the right location a character or object will appear to give you a clue or unlock the next puzzle. It’s the perfect way to include tech without losing the real life experience of a physical game.

2. You get to play with spy tech and pretend your James Bond

Just like your very own Q, the Operation Mindfall gamemaster Agent X will sort you out with some fancy spy tech to help you on your mission. We’re talking fiddly things, twisty things and all kinds of maps and objects of wonder for you to play with. Don’t get any ideas though, Agent X will be keeping a close eye on you from an undisclosed location throughout – probably behind a tree or inside a bin. Glamorous work.

3. It’s a great excuse to enjoy the outdoors and get off your ass

All this tech malarky is good and everything but it’s far too easy these days to spend your day scrolling, clicking and glaring rather than getting off your ass. Operation Mindfall is a great way to get your mates together and keep them on their feet. Unlike some of our innuendo soaked escape rooms, Operation Mindfall is also a family friendly game. The perfect way to help your dissonant family or siblings to be more active and bond over a common goal.

4. You’ll discover hidden gems in Westminster London and Brighton

Our London mission base is The Speaker Victoria in London, a lively boozer with a long history of political intrigue and espionage. Once you’ve been briefed Agent X will send you off on your mission to explore some of the most iconic sites at heart of London.

In Brighton your mission will begin at The Walrus, a 4-floor pub renowned for its eclectically-decorated rooms and endless winding passageways. Not to mention their two floor rooftop garden. Set in the Lanes and close to the beach, there really is no better way to discover the most unusual and creative crevices of the city.

5. You get to save the world from a brain infecting virus

Man in black and shades showing a case with a mysterious Operation Mindfall sticker.

If you often look to the skies asking ‘what is the meaning of life?’ and ‘why am I here?’ then saving the world from a brain-infecting virus is pretty life affirming stuff. Fictional it may be but being a spy for the day and saving the world also makes for a great social update.

If you’re the type of person that has an entire strategy planned for a zombie apocalypse and fancies themselves as a bit of an unsung hero with ninja detection skills, this is the game for you.

Watch the video below for more teasers or just get your finger out and book a game of Operation Mindfall now. Think this could work for your next event or work party? We can also adapt the game to work for large groups or up to 100 players, just get in touch to find out more.