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13th December 2019

5 reasons to give experience gifts over stuff this Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose… And the building anxiety of working out who to buy what for Christmas (we see you, person who left it too late and have to panic-buy on Christmas Eve…).

Of course, once you think it’s all over with – you’ve bought, wrapped and put it under the tree – on comes those fresh flashes of fear as you eagerly watch your loved ones open yet another sock set or smellies pack. Their mouths may speak gratitude as they open their umpteenth pair of socks that day, while you commend yourself for giving them a gift you think they really need, but for Christmas who really wants to open more “stuff” they already have?

Instead, why not go for something completely different and gift your loved ones experiences? here’s are a few reasons why experience gifts are the greatest Christmas gifts of them all…

1. Give them something they’ll never forget

Hands up who’s received a gift, put it in a cupboard for “safe-keeping”, and then never let it see the light of day again? Experiences are the gifts that keep on giving – not only are you giving them an experience, but also a memory for many years to come. Plus, booking it in for the weeks that follow will let them avoid those dreadful January blues…

2. We just don’t need more stuff

Unless you want to see your loved ones on the next season of Hoarders, why add to the multitude of items they already have? Experience gifts give them the opportunity to try that thing they’ve always been dying to do, but have never prioritised – which is a much bigger gift in itself.

3. Experiences gifts make perfect last-minute gifts

poppa plock

Is there anything worse than ambling hurriedly around the shops on Christmas Eve? It’s cold outside, everything’s closed early, and really you just want to go home, put on a pair of your favourite slippers and cosy up with some hot chocolate. When you give someone an experience there’s less wrapping and more tapping! You can have it all, by buying your presents from the comfort of your own bed, whether they be gift vouchers or cards. Multiple tabs just became your new best friend. Just don’t spill your hot chocolate on your laptop.

4. Experience isn’t plastic! It’s eco-friendly

You spend all that money on gifts, only to have to spend another tenner on wrapping paper (most of which isn’t recyclable, btw). Of course, you could do the gag-gift where you put the envelope containing your experience gifts in a big box, but I think we both know that’s not going to happen. Trust us, nobody really cares about the wrapping after they’ve found out what’s inside anyway – and envelopes are recyclable. Happy Christmas, Mother Nature.

5. Making fun memories is good for wellbeing

In this world where we feel we have to be switched “on” all the time, there really is no better remedy than a few hours of silliness. Let your Christmas gift ideas include an experience and you’ll not only be giving your loved ones something they’ll never forget, but you’ll be rewarding them with a well-earned break from all their hard work too. As the author of Stuffocation: Living More with Less James Wallman said: 

“Happiness is more likely to come from the enjoyment of experiences rather than the accumulation of stuff.”

Give an experience this Christmas

Now that we’ve got you on the experience gift train, nab your loved ones an escape room experience with our online gift vouchers or if you’re raring to go and want to give it a test run you can book yourself a game with 15% off using discount code XMAS15 now. All great options for adults who need something to look forward to in those long, dreary and chilly few weeks in the New Year. 

Still twiddling your thumbs? You can find out more about our escape rooms or check out more experience gift ideas here