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13th February 2019

5 quirky Valentine’s Day ideas – whatever your status!

Valentine’s Day 2019 is approaching fast. Queue loved up couples everywhere you turn and shoddy flowers and crap chocolates quadrupling in price. Not to mention there’s that one sour person proclaiming “it’s all a con by the card companies”…

Whatever your plans for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re planning a date for your swipe right match or  trying to spice things up with your long-term lover. Single and ready to mingle or currently stuck in ‘it’s complicated’ non-DTR (define the relationship) territory. We have 5 unique things to do on Valentine’s Day whatever your relationship status, whatever your mood.

1. Single: do the tried and tested method at 93 Feet East

Ready to rush home after work on Valentine’s Day and cry yourself to sleep? Well stop it. We’ve got a better idea – turn being single at the worst time of the year to your advantage! With live DJ’s, drinks and street food, Shoreditch’s 93 Feet East presents Winter in Paradise – a chance to cosy up in a trendy winter hideaway without having to stay at home.

Street Food is available for vegetarian and meatatarian alike, while winter cocktails and some self-love will help you feel just as warm and fuzzy on the inside as all those loved up couples. Go easy on the cocktails though or that warm and fuzzy feeling will be violently projected out of you a few hours later!

2. First date: make them feel important at The Brig      

If you’re like a sugar filled child whose forgotten their ADD medication on a first date, then The Brig at Merchant House of Bow Lane will help you. Get to know your date in a relaxed environment without awkwardly forgetting their name half-way through. Hey, it happens…

Booked by the hour for 2-4 guests, new couples, double daters and swingers can all have drinks courtesy of their own personal bartender in a novel and intimate setting. With the option of being able to play your own music and make your own drinks, it will hopefully be an evening to remember. They’ve set the scene, time for you to to strum Cupid’s bow.

Don’t worry if you crash and burn though. Worst case scenario, there are plenty of spirits for you to take advantage of and forget the night!

3. Long term love: take your battleaxe out for some axe throwing!

For those couples who have been there done that and got the metaphorical t-shirt, you may be wondering how else you can surprise your significant other. Then it hits you – well hopefully not if you don’t want to spend Valentine’s in A&E – urban axe throwing! Vikings throw axes and after all, no-one is more romantic than a Viking right? Right?

Whistle Punk will provide you the necessary blades and targets to strengthen your relationship and deltoids. Their “Double Bulls Eye” deal will provide chocolate to fuel you as you both scream war cries across the room. Definitely one to do when angry, just maybe not angry at each other. The only problem you’ll then have is trying to top it Valentine’s 2020. After handling an axe, a card will no longer cut it…

4. Bromance / Galentine’s Day: get lost at sea in a shopping centre

If Vikings and axes isn’t your idea of Galentine’s Day or bromance then the next best option is undoubtedly pirates. A slight flaw like London being completely landlocked won’t stop you from sailing around on a quest for grog/cocktails. Bompas & Parr have you covered.

As insane as it may sound, The Lost Lagoon has been created under Shepherd’s Bush shopping centre. Complete with a pirate ship, an underground boating lake and even its own weather system, you’ll be tasked with sailing around for ingredients to make the ultimate drink and gain access to the party bar.

Whirlpool cocktail stations, beach inspired food and many insane drink ideas to ridiculous to even mention will be included. After all, there’s nothing more pirate than sailing around a London shopping mall in February. More of a mate date unless your other half is into that sort of thing. Otherwise you may have to batten down the hatches for the next few days of your relationship.

5. It’s complicated: unravel the clues to your relationship in an escape room

Not sure where your relationship is heading? Feel more like you’re playing single player instead of co-op? An escape room is just the thing to help you work together and just maybe help you with that awkward, inevitable conversation. We have four hidden escape rooms across Brighton and London and while you can attempt it as a couple, up to six players can compete. Everything’s more fun when there are more of you.

Win Lady Chastity’s aphrodisiac wine – so potent you won’t keep your hands off each other. Or try Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop and get handling more toys than a kid at Christmas. It’s the most fun you can have in a locked room. Just don’t get too carried away as we will be watching.

Get your kicks this Valentine’s Day, whatever your relationship status

Don’t be curled up eating ice cream on the sofa and crying alone this Valentine’s Day. Take advantage, whatever relationship situation you’re in. For more inspiration, you could also check out alternative Valentine’s Day ideas.