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1st February 2020

5 Quirky Things to do in Brighton Valentine’s Day Weekend

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Whether you’re seeing someone, many or feel destined to be forever alone, you cannot escape the approach of Valentine’s Day. But that doesn’t mean you have to be down in the dumps or remortgaging your pad for a bouquet of roses. Instead, we’ve got you covered with these 5 quirky things to do in Brighton Valentine’s Day weekend, regardless of whether you’re coupled up, throupled up, or will be spending the day with your besties.

So, put down those heart-shaped chocolates and get ready to do something different with our quirky AF Brighton Valentine’s guide.

1. Friday, I’m in Love’s Sex Education Party!

  • When: Friday 14th February, 11pm – 5am
  • Where: Coalition, Brighton

Got Netflix? Watched Sex Education? If not, then you’ve got a few weeks to catch up. You have, you say? It’s pretty fucking good so what better way to spend Valentine’s Day then at a Sex Education themed night. Fat Poppadaddys has brought some of the best Friday nights in Brighton over the last 9 years, and with Valentine’s Day dropping on the best day of the week, this one’s no exception. Playing everything from indie to 60’s, from dubstep to grime, you’ll be on your feet until kicking out time at 5am. Unless of course, you end up on your back. 

2. Join your partner in crime at White Wall’s popup cinema

  • When: Friday 14th February, 7.45pm
  • Where: Wagner Hall, Brighton

Some people want to emulate the relationship of The Joker and Harley Quinn. Some people relate to Sid and Nancy. Some people are fucking morons but that’s ok, we’re here to show you the true original power couple of all time. White Wall presents the 60’s classic Bonnie & Clyde – two kids who live the dream of going on a violent crime spree, commiting general twattery and essentially, fucking shit up. You may not think this is exactly a Romeo and Juliet esque romance but you would be surprised. A movie which broke many cinematic taboos of its time, if you haven’t seen it yet, get down to Wagner Hall this Valentine’s Day. Try not to mug everyone after.

3. Enjoy a ‘lock in’ at Lady Chastity’s Reserve escape room

  • When: Friday 14th February, various times available
  • Where: The World’s End pub, Brighton

quirky valentines day ideas brighton

Sometimes the best solution for Valentine’s Day is to get completely twatted. Of course with Valentine’s Day on Friday this year, it’s less of a solution and more of an obligation. Out of all the places in Brighton, London Road undoubtedly has the best selection of bars. What better place to start then with our Brighton escape room at The World’s End. Partly fitting because when your single, Valentine’s Day feels like the world’s end and partly fitting because they have a great choice of food, drink and atmosphere. Better yet, you’ll find Lady Chastity’s Reserve escape room tucked inside.

Want to be locked in with your partner or a new Tinder date? Find out if you really are a match and you’ll get a bottle of wine if you get out victorious. Who knows where that bottle may lead.

4. Smuggle contraband into the Alcotraz penitentiary

  • When: Friday 14th February, 7.15pm or 9.30pm
  • Where: Alcotraz, Brighton

They say couples who share experiences are the closest, and what better experience than indulging in a world of mischief and doing time in one of the most notorious of prisons the world has seen? When convicted to Alcotraz, inmates are taken in by a bootlegger from the inside to smuggle in only the most precious of goods… why, it’s liquor, of course! Your burden will be rewarded with a selection of four delicious cocktails to enjoy each, along with a pat on the back for continuing the inmates’ mischievous scheme. Even if for a moment, you’ve become a part of the empire. Orange is the new black, after all.

5. Re-enact that classic scene from Ghost at a pottery making workshop

The only form of “ghosting” that is really truly acceptable, don your aprons and Swayze masks and get ready to gently caress your clay into curvaceous creations to paint and take home two weeks later! Not only will you learn a new skill, you’ll also share an exciting hands-on experience with your significant other, and have lasting mementos of your time spent together. What better way to spend this romantic month than by re-enacting the classic scene from Ghost, after all?

6. Have a laugh at the Alternative Valentine’s Cabaret!

  • When: Friday 14th February, Doors 7pm
  • Where: The Funky Fish Bar

The perfect antidote for both singletons and couples who don’t buy into the tradition of Valentine’s Day, Bad Romance – The Alternative Valentine Cabaret is a night to lift your spirits and keep you giggling in your seats til close. Hosted by the sensational Stella Pint, Bad Romance features a fantastic line-up of performers, guaranteeing a Valentine’s Day experience like no other. Brace yourselves for the hilarious musical comedian Hannah Brackenbury, and award-winning observationist Gareth Edwards.

There’s no Valentine’s Day like Brighton’s Valentine’s Day

No matter your preference this Valentine’s Day in Brighton, there really is something to do for everyone that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but that will still impress. And if all of that is still too loved up for you, why not check out our anti-valentines day ideas or go further afield and pick one of our creative date nights ideas in London.

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