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3rd May 2019

5 Quirky Outdoor Activities in London

The British weather is unpredictable at best but, let’s face it, as soon as the sun comes out we love an excuse to hang about outside… and there’s always ye ol’ hood-up or umbrella inside out option – and the local pub.

So, we’ve been out on foot trekking around London looking for the best outdoor activities to do – well, not really. We’ve been googling our asses off but you get the idea. Nuff said really, get scrolling for some great things to do this weekend in the great outdoors.  

1. Hello sailor! Enjoy some water vibes with GoBoats

goboat london

What better way to forget about your miserable existence than float on the water looking at ducks and trees. Bliss. GoBoats is based in Merchant Square (near Edgeware Road station) where you will set sail into a stunning section of the London canal network. Together with your friends or family you will then make your way along the canal towards Little Venice then on to Regent’s canal and Camden Lock. Better yet, our escape room Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop is not far from there so you could tag on a little escape room experience for your arrival.

2. Party on a rooftop in the name of charity

Dalston Roof Park LondonFor an outdoor indoor experience you can enjoy some chilled vibes at the Dalston Roof Park in, well, Dalston. But if you want to be anal about these things it’s near Hackney, in fact here’s the friggin post code just for you: E8 3DL. Happy now? Got your sat nav sorted. Good. Self-described as an ‘urban utopian oasis with stunning views of London’s skyline’ this is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy the outdoors, but not really move. Like at all. Just stare at the view and enjoy a bevy and some good ol’ chat with your mates. If you’re into all that sustainable type jazz the roof houses also have lengthy solar panels that power the buildings – fancy. The £3 entry fee also goes to The Bootstrap Charity, an organisation that empowers young people by arming them with skills.

3. Save the world and get your spy on with Operation Mindfall

Operation Mindfall

If you enjoy geeking out with gadgets, puzzle solving and a good pub crawl then Operation Mindfall is the outdoor activity of your dreams. Your mission to save the world from a brain-infecting virus begins at St James of Bermondsey, a decent boozer with some nommy food to fuel you up for the challenge. Like your very own Q, game host Agent X will give you all the tools your need to win the day and channel your inner James Bond. For this 2-hour challenge you will make your way around quirky locations in Bermondsey to uncover clues and use your Augmented Reality tablet to unlock clues along the way.

4. Catch a flick on the green at Luna Cinema at Battersea Park

Luna Cinema

Okay, so maybe you spend too much time on Netflix at home and getting out of the house is meant to get you on your feet. But if you love movies and still want to exist in the real world then what’s better than an outdoor cinema? Grab your picnic hamper and that smelly blanket only good enough for your mutt and head on over to Luna Cinema. Based at Battersea Park, which is one of London’s greatest green spaces. You’ll get to enjoy your favourite flick by the river facing Chelsea over the water. The perfect setting for a cheeky little London staycation as the sun goes down you can also look whimsically up at the stars and wonder about the meaning of life – or get sozzled. Your choice.

5. Tap into your inner drama Llama at Deen City Farm

deen park farm london

Okay, so it’s not a Llama, but the pun needed to happen, so we’ve contacted Deen City Farm and requested a Llama just for you. You’re welcome. Just mention our name when you arrive and you’ll get absolutely nothing. But we like being talked about. If your fed up with people and seeing the same faces day and day out at the office then animals are the perfect way to escape this weekend. They’re cute, they’re definitely not trying to beat you to the post for your next promotion but they will shit a lot – just like your office frenemy. It’s a little outside of London, cause the farm animals prefer the grass and all that, but only 45-minutes on the train from Central London. We probably should talk about the actual animals you’ll get to meet, which includes alpacas, cows, rabbits and turkeys.

What’s great about Deen City Farm is that they also have an active Volunteering programme and a riding school for the local community. Do us a favour and if you do ride an Alpaca send us a video – we need to see that shit. Okay, so we’ve just double checked and you don’t ride the Alpacas [disappointed face], there’s horses people. Horses.

Time to enjoy the great outdoors in London

If nothing in that list floats your boat, especially GoBoats, then we can’t help you. But you’re welcome to read our blog on some fantabulous anti adulting things to do in London, which includes more indoorsy things and colourful balls to play with, that kinda thing.