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23rd August 2017

5 Alternative things to do in London bank holiday weekend

The countdown to August bank holiday weekend has begun – yippee. So, what are you up to? Are you just gonna Netflix and chill or get your butt out the door and do something different? If you’re up for the latter then we have taken a dive into the worldly web for some unusual bank holiday ideas for you. So, instead of coasting along and doing the same old thing, you can bag yourself some new memories and do something different this August bank holiday weekend.

1. Flex and Grrr at Guildhall Yard Gladiator Games

  • When: Aug 25-28th
  • Where: Guildhall Yard, EC2. Bank tube

If you’re a fan of boxing, MMA or generally just watching two guys beat Seven Shades of Sparta out of each other then the Guildhall Yard Gladiator Games may be right up your alley. Set in the archaeological site of a real Roman Amphitheatre over for 4 days only. You can watch the original blood sport of two men fighting for their lives in front of jeering crowds and Emperor until the loser’s fate is decided by one man’s small appendage – his thumb. Get your head out of the gutter – we mean he will chose who should be released with his hands. Nothing sexual about that one.

After the unworthy have been slain – the will be the guys with the rest of the afternoon off – the champions will walk away with their lives briefly spared and names immortalised in victory. Unless it’s the early show.

2. Pee your pants at FrightFest 2017

  • When: Aug 24-28
  • Where: Cineworld Leicester Square and The Prince Charles Cinema, WC2H.

If like our Gabriel, a good scare gets you going and you love the weird and wonderful then FrightFest 2017 should definitely make your list this bank holiday weekend. However, prepare for some mind-bending twisted fun. Running for five corn-syrup-soaked days, there will be screenings of Horror classics but also some rather strange viewings in the mix including Attack of the Adult Babies, Return of the Living Dead III and It Stains the Sand Red.

That’s a lot of scare for your buck, but take some spare wears – after that lot you may need a change of pants. You might also want to bring your own pillow to hide behind.

3. Bounce like noone’s watching at The Beast

  • When: Aug 25-28. 10.00am – 11.00pm (morning sessions for kids and families)
  • Where: Alexandra Palace, Hammersmith, London

It’s a real funny show where anything goes… sound familiar? It may not be the actual funhouse, because let’s face it our adult bums wouldn’t fit through the tunnels. However, it is The Beast. At 272 metres long, with 32 inflatable obstacles, a DJ and epic light displays, this ain’t your standard bouncy castle in a pub garden. This is serious.

Sod chilling at home, instead take a ridonculous leap back into your childhood dreams over August bank holiday. In between bounces you can enjoy some tasty noms from street food vendors like Saucy Chip and Taco Revolution and wet your whistle at the bars with cocktails, craft beer and prosecco on tap. Just try to pace yourself and get them ambitious bouncy leaps out of your system before you over indulge – nobody wants to bounce in your vom.

4. Lose your Marbles in our Wonky Workshop

If you really wanna blast yourself out of your comfort zone and experience something new then this should do the trick. At Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop our game host and wind up merchant, Wynne the toy soldier, will lead you into a room dripping with nostalgic and mind boggling wonky trinkets.  Melted dolls, jumping jacks and a dismembered dummy all await your attention.

Together in teams of up to six you will make your way around the wiley twists and wonky turns to solve the clues and escape. Whether you want to shake things up with your other half or bond with your mates, you are bound to enjoy some giggles and jokes in this challenge.

5. Strut in your Spandex at London Super Comic Con

  • When: Aug 25-27
  • Where: Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH

This is not your standard Comic Con, this one is super doncha know. If you’ve got a sneaky hankering for parading as a superhero, then why not dust off that spandex and tap into your inner powers. If frolicking about in your element isn’t enough, the headline for London Super Comic Con this year is a pretty big deal – it’s non other than Brian Michael Bendis, author of Invincible Iron Man and Spider Woman and the man renowned for reshaping the Marvel comic universe over the last 20 years.

It takes place at the Business Design Centre, so Upper Street is going to be flooded with some seriously elaborate cosplay. On Saturday, the Con will spill out into the 02 Academy Islington for the Gotham After Midnight club night. You might just catch Loki and The Hulk necking in the corner of the dance floor.

Do something different this bank holiday weekend

Ever noticed how the weekend always feels longer if you experience something new? Avoid the temptation to veg out or get caught up in household chores. It’s a long weekend for a reason, so you can get all of that out the way and still live it up and make it along to just one of these gems. Heck, if you’re really determined you could make your way around the lot. One thing is for sure – just one of these experiences will turn your tired bored thrown upside down.

If you are looking for more ideas and you’ve got good game, you could also check out our list of Crystal Maze style games without the jumpsuits. Now off with you, go forth and reinvigorate your life with new experiences.