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23rd August 2019

5 Alternative August Bank Holiday Weekend Ideas

operation mindfall bank holiday

August is almost over and so the countdown to the end of Summer begins – sigh. But before we pack up our BBQs and reluctantly discontinue our beachside antics, we have one final bank holiday blowout to make the most of. So, don’t be a melt and stay inside this year or do the same old thing.

Whether you’re in a couple, on a lone adventure, planning to mingle with your mates or looking for something to keep the kids entertained – let us entice you out of your comfort zones to discover something new with these 5 August bank holiday weekend ideas. Go on, do something different.


  • When: August 9am – 7pm (last admission 6.15pm)
  • Where: Waltham Forest, Walthamstow, E4

One for kids, adults and everyone not traumatised by a Jurassic Park film. Jurassic Falls provides you 18 holes of golf set 100-Million years ago. In teams of up to six, you’ll traverse a Jungle Marsh and come face-to-face with some of the most terrifying lizard-chicken-monster things to ever walk the Earth. From herbivores like the Triceratops and Stegosaurus, to the aggressive T-Rex, this is the only place to see them all in one place (cough…inaccurate depiction of dinosaurs all existing at the same time…cough). Children and adults alike will learn about the inhabitants of the Mesozoic era with fun facts dotted around the course, all while putting some balls in some holes.

However, if mini-golf is not your jam the guys and girls at Jurassic Falls also provide a one pedal operational mini quad safari for kids to zoom around in. Still not convinced? The Altitude Adventure sky trail will have you scrambling in an obstacle course 32ft high. Climb, clamber and race to the finish line while you marvel at the stomping dinosaurs below.

With an option of on-site food at restaurant Gökyüzü and even allowing our furry four legged friends (though probably best they don’t take part in the activities) this is bound to knacker the whole family out.


  • When: Aug 23rd – 28th
  • Where: Alexandra Palace. Alexandra Palace rail

Last summer bank holiday we tackled the Beast, a gruelling inflatable obstacle course which left us bruised and battered. The Monster however is bigger, badder and is guaranteed to separate the kids from the kidults.

This inflatable monstrosity is 300 metres long and 42 obstacles deep, sporting mega slides, an adult ball pit and obstacles with ominous names, like the bouncy cage of doom. Scary! Once you’ve conquered the Monster – where we recommend you take your time as your ticket only grants you one lap – craft beers, cocktails and a DJ awaits to help you regain your composure or carry on the party. Just don’t go for another round of inflatable athletics after a few drinks or they’ll be hosing both you and the Monster down!


london carnival bank holiday special

  • When:Fri 23rd  & Sat 24th August: 6pm-3am
  • Where: The Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, WC1B 4DA

The best thing about bank holidays are the opportunity to drink guilt-free on a Sunday night. Even better, The London Cabaret Club is on it like a car bonnet and running a Summer Bank Holiday Carnival Special at The Bloomsbury Ballroom. You will get to take a tropical tour of immersive cabaret with vibrant live performances, colourful carnival dancers, exotic rum-based cocktails and a mouth-watering Caribbean menu. Nommy indeed! If salsa vibes with a dash of funk, soul and pop hits for good measure is up your street then you’re in for a treat. Word is, The London Cabaret Club is a uniquely immersive cabaret experience, like no other. And remember… no work on Monday means you can go out and play! You’re welcome.


  • When: Until the 15th September 2019 – (Sat: 9am to 7:30pm / Sun: 9:30am to 5:30pm)
  • Where: Archbishop’s Park, Carlisle Lane, SE1

One for adrenaline junkies, bravado advocates and general fruit-cakes, Zip Now presents a 225 metre zip line in the heart of London, which will have you zooming through London quicker then the Tube ever could.

If you can manage climbing ten flights of stairs the height of nine double deckers without passing out, then you’ll also be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Houses of Parliament and Battersea Power Station. Naturally, you’ll then throw yourself off the platform and hurtle through the sky like a queasy exhilarated superhero.

If you survive, you’re given one final choice; take the stairs down or go for the 15 metre free fall on offer.  No doubt even those with the biggest brass balls will need to place them firmly on a seat to relax after this one!


  • When: Fri 24 – Mon 27 August
  • Where: The Four Thieves Pub, 51 Lavender Gardens, Battersea, SW11

If your resigned to the idea of just going down the pub this weekend then maybe it’s time to try somewhere new? Besides, why spend a night in any pub when you can be in a super-deluxe-ultra-mega cool pub? Especially one that holds our very own game. Us, bias? Nooooo

Well, in addition to our super-amazingly-awesome escape game Lady Chastity’s Reserve and a host of immersive RC and VR gaming experiences – The Four Thieves in Clapham are also running their 3rd annual Beer Festival this bank holiday weekend, where you can experience anything and everything beer related. If it involves our favourite shade of amber you can probably do it.


Our pleasure. Three-day weekends – they’re a rare commodity at this point in the year. It would be easy to spend it recuperating and hiding away with a Netflix marathon but would you really be taking advantage of your time? So grab your sun-cream, or jacket, or umbrella, or sunglasses… maybe just check the weather before you head out and go on, treat yourself!

operation mindfall london

If none of these bank holiday chart toppers float your boat, why not try your hand at our wonky workshop escape room in North London Poppa Plock, or outdoor escape game, Operation Mindfall at The Speaker in Westminster. Better yet, you can use discount code ‘BANKYOUMUCHLY’ to get 10% off any of our games when you book online. You’re welcome.