Live Experience Christmas Party Ideas

Live Experience Christmas Party Ideas

It’s time for the C-word people. While uttering the word ‘Christmas’ can send a shiver down the spine of many in September, if you want to nab the good deals then you’re gonna need to start planning your work Christmas party, like now. But before you take the easy option and book a boring old meal with a DJ or clubbing hear us out - what about some live experience gaming? Yes son! Actual real life experience stuff that not only gives your employees something to giggle about but also encourages some team building in the process. Not sure what that means exactly? Well here’s some excellent live experiences to help get you started on your quest.

5 alternative August bank holiday weekend ideas

5 alternative August bank holiday weekend ideas

August is almost over and so the countdown to the end of Summer begins - sigh. But before we pack up our BBQ’s and reluctantly discontinue our beachside antics we have one final Bank Holiday blowout to make the most of. So, don’t be a melt and stay inside this year or do the same old thing. Whether you’re in a couple, planning to mingle with your mates or looking for something to keep the kids entertained - let us entice you out of your comfort zones to discover something new with these 5 things to do in London bank holiday weekend. Go on, do something different.

Goodbye heatwave: 6 reasons we just can’t take the heat

Goodbye heatwave: 6 reasons we just can’t take the heat

Our Lady Chastity (our skeletal escape room resident to those not in the know) is hardly known as a summer Goddess. In fact, she’s more Dracula and was close to withering away to dust in the recent heatwave. Yes, we could write a positive blog about summer like everyone else but sometimes it’s good to just have a big ol’ moan. So, bring on the clouds, the rain and bring back with it the desire to hide away in a dark pub clasping onto a cold one. Down with the fear of sunburn, dehydrating or having to attend a constant string of BBQs. Here’s 6 reasons we just can’t take the heat and are relieved to see the back of the heatwave.

Escape Room London

What’s to know about London Escape Rooms?

So what’s the big deal about London Escape Games? They are good fun and are here to stay so if you’ve not yet tried one, you really are missing out on a great leisure activity. There are escape rooms all over the UK and as a leading Escape Room creator, Handmade Mysteries offers rooms in both London and Brighton.

Do you know what A London Escape Room is? 

It's a game targeted at adults of all ages. So an escape room is a game that are based on the real life adventures, all contained within an immersive theatre style setting, typically consisting of one room, hence the term escape room. Typically a team of 5 or 6 can comfortably fit inside a room. These puzzle rooms should not be underestimated they are fiendishly clever and will test your grey matter. Some puzzles are mental others are more physical so it plays to everyones strengths in a small group environment.

How does it work?

It's a real-life game where a team has 60 minutes to solve puzzles with clues in order to reveal mysteries. An escape room is generally a real life adventure game that is not online. This means that you actually get locked in a room and are expected to use elements and facets within that room, you will be given hints and clues that lead to puzzle and riddles - all the time you and your team are being pitted against the ticking of the clock - tick tock tick tockIn one room, there can be up to 12 players.Though more typically a group is up to 5/6 players. When you book a game, you’re actually booking the room so you and your friends have a private game to yourself. 

If you want to take on anther team you can add that into the mix, that’s a great way to maximise a birthday party or stag or hen warm up event.

What is the Escape Room London arrival time?

You may want to get there at least 15 minutes ahead of time. The good news is, the Handmade Mysteries rooms are tucked away in the deep recesses of a bar! So get there early have a drink and plan out your strategy, its a great start to a night and the British weather can do it’s worst but it cannot ruin an escape room experience for you!

What can you take with you in the rooms?

Food is not allowed in the rooms. You’re going to need your hands and other limbs to work out some of the clues ! Yes we are here for to get silly, but if you are  intoxicated  you can’t play. There is a lot going on in the room and we don’t want you to hurt yourself or anyone else for that matter. You can take in your phones but no pictures please! These rooms are created with love and daring-do and we don’t want to ruin the experience with too many picture of the inside of the rooms before people get to play it. 

What If I want to quit during the game?

Just shout out and let us know, the game is monitored with cameras. If you want to quit, you can just let the games master now you want to be let out. However, you may want to keep in mind that if you quit, your game will be over. The other players can carry on but it’s best, unless there is a real problem to carry on, this is 1 hour and that time is going to disappear. The games masters monitor the game with surveillance cameras and help by providing clues and hints if you get stuck.

Things you must have

  • Credit card and the ID that you used for booking
  • The game has no limit as far as the number of players is concerned
  • Games can run concurrently if you want to do some team building!

About London Escape Rooms

 ......come and have a go....if you're crackers enough :)

......come and have a go....if you're crackers enough :)

The London escape rooms come in different themes and you can choose the challenge, according to how much you feel you can take and the kind of fun you want to enjoy. Most come with added lighting and sound effects so you get transported into a whole new world for 60 minutes. The games designers are beyond talented and they will work hard to create an amazing experience that allow you when playing the game to suspend your disbelief. Just like when getting immersed in a great show or movie, its important it all looks and feels as real as possible so you can work fast in finding the clues and solving the puzzles to gain your freedom before the time elapses.

Choosing your games

One of the most important considerations when it comes to escape room games is the length of each session. Usually, you will have about 60 minutes to solve the puzzle and escape from your room. It is important to remember that the games can get quite intense, giving you adrenaline rushes and that hour can and usually does, fly by!

To help you manage and enjoy your session to the end, it is best that you choose escape game providers who give you a valuable briefing before the start of the experience. This is the role of the Games Master and a good games master will guide you on what you should and should not do before entering a room.  Don’t skip the briefing (we on’t let you anyway you need all the help you can get!) 

If you are looking for fun things to do in London then escape rooms are the ideal games for you and your friends. A mystery puzzle room may be all you need for the perfect team building event. Try out fabulous escape rooms London that are located in Farringdon, Clapham Junction, Islington and Hackney and you might be surprised at just how enduring you can be!

Escape Room Team Building

Team Building Escape Room.jpg

There was a time when the terms "team building event" was good enough to strike terror into the soul of any white-collar worker. Images of forced amusement as reluctant employees attempted to sing like Madonna or channel their inner survival (Bear Grylls) on a Tough Mudders style assault course or worse signified the "previous plans" excuses came rapidly, and an unexpected epidemic of ailing family members was all but guaranteed.

Times have changed, and employers have got wise to two things. The first is that in today's company world, team dynamics are more vital than ever and can mean the difference between success and failure. The other is that making those teams merge still takes effort, they must generate team building events that will eagerly be anticipated and that participants will get something from, rather than things they will hate and steer clear of like the plague.

Escape Rooms For Team Building

Escape Rooms are swiftly emerging as the current craze for corporate and business team building, leaving behind the old fashioned events like 5 aside football, rounders’ and shuffling things like large building blocks. Perfect for focussing on lots of business development goals, Escape Room team building can give a variety of team building advantages for businesses/ organisations of all sizes and shapes

Now a well developed marketplace, with fixed Escape Rooms arriving all over the nation, the Escape Room team building experience is coming to be ever more available and attractive to smart businesses who rely on team in one form or another. Call them exit games, escape games, escape rooms, locked room games puzzle rooms, or something else, but the premise remains the same, you get together with a team of your friends, solve the clues and leave the room within the time limitation.

Escape Room Team Building.jpg

Team building that works

This is why we have seen a rise in new kinds of team building tasks appearing. Absolutely, there are some folks who like nothing better than to perform or to test themselves mentally or physically. For others, food preparation challenges, sporting events or just a night-time out for a couple of drinks collectively will work much better.

The key to a productive team building day is to actively get the attendees engaged with the choice of the event, as opposed to force it on them. An escape room is among the most recent trends in team building events. It is one that has a growing appeal among organisers, and more importantly, among participants.

What is an escape room?

Anyone who indulged in enjoying TV shows like The Crystal Maze or Fort Boyard will instantly recognise the approach of an escape room. The idea was expanded from TV entertainment to a product anyone can have a go at with the first escape room opening in Japan 11 years ago back in 2007. The idea soon expanded all over the world, and firms like Handmade Mysteries are market leaders that provide London escape rooms along with escape rooms in additional towns and cities across the UK.

Each escape room has its own specific theme. You might find yourself in a futuristic world, or a jungle environment or in a Blade Runner inspired mad creation. You and your team then have an hour to examine your surroundings, make sense of the clues and work out what you have to do to get out.

Escape Rooms - Universal appeal.

Some of the significant advantages of an escape room above other sorts of team building activity is that it has large appeal. Age and physical fitness are unimportant, and the more introverted team members will feel equally as comfortable as individuals who are more extrovert and gregarious. Followers and leaders will all benefit from how the team engages and works together and this is all done within the natural spirit of fun!

Some will be better physically and then those who are a lot better at mental dexterity will get to flex their mental muscles -- there is an opportunity for every person to show off his/her specific capability, and to build new ones.

Most important of all, however, is that this type of event is one wherein success depends upon all those skills being united, to create a whole that is more than the sum of its parts. Which is, after all, the true principle of a cohesive and effective team.

How to run a team building escape room

It depends how you want to run it, with smaller teams, one escape room can accommodate up to 6 team members. London venues can also run games alongside each other so you can have teams competing against one another in time trials. Just speak to the friendly team, give them a call on 0207 8673736 or just use our super easy booking forms to book rooms in succession.

Let us know what you need and we can make sure the Gamesmaster creates an atmosphere of healthy competition for your business!

An event for all seasons

The other notable aspect that escape rooms have in their favour is that this is one affair that the erratic English weather cannot mess up. A company picnic can often feel like Russian roulette! An Escape room can be literally taken into consideration at any time of year-- possibly an escape room might be an ingenious alternative to the typical office party when the Christmas season happens this year. Now is the ideal time to get buy in from employees.

Escape Room Corporate FAQs

Q. Can we run team building at any of your escape rooms in London or Brighton?

A. Yes, absolutely. We run 2 game rooms consecutively at 2 venues, The Depot with Poppa Plock (12 people) and The Four Thieves with Lady Chastity (11 people) so they hold the most people but all other rooms hold up to 6 and we can run smaller groups in quick succession.

Q. How long does it take when one team finishes for the next to start?

A. Typically 15 minutes to reset the room, so no time at all. Speak with our friendly receptionist Claire who will do what she can to help.

Q. We need food and drinks can you supply?

A. This is definitely something the venue can help with as our escape rooms are sequestered away in the inner depths of public houses. Contact the venue directly, let them know you’re booking an escape room and they’ll make sure to accommodate you.

Q. Any rules we need to be aware of?

A. Have fun, listen to the Games master, and if you’re waiting to play with a team, please ensure your team members do not get drunk. Anyone who is drunk will be refused access to play or can be removed from the game. Obviously, that’s common sense but worth mentioning!

Also the escape rooms are over 18’s only, that’s due to the venue legalities – it might on occasion impact work experience personnel so even though rare it is worth mentioning.

Q. Do you offer corporate rates?

A. For larger group bookings we may offer a discount, it depending on day / location and time but ask us, we will do what we can for you. Our customer service is legendary!

See our team building page for booking details.


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Meet the Team: Wonderfully weird game host, Slyme Slymey

Meet the Team: Wonderfully weird game host, Slyme Slymey

It's our absolute pleasure to introduce you to one of our Brighton escape game hosts, Slyme Sylmey - aka Simon. He defines himself as a performer, actor, twisted cabaret clown, model, writer, poet, musician and idiot. Enough foreplay, let’s fondle his brain and discover what makes our Slyme Slymey tick.

5 Winter experience ideas in London & Brighton

5 Winter experience ideas in London & Brighton

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Christmas may be close, but not everyone wants to frolic around in Christmas jumpers, photocopy their butt cheeks and dress up like a sexy Santa (we’re looking at you Kevin). Even if they do, we all need a little light, or even dark, relief now and then from the baubles, tinsel and festive cheer. If you’re planning a Christmas night out or looking ahead to the New Year then don’t follow the crowd, let us help you do something different. We’ve sifted through the glittery shit, beyond the festive cliches to seek out alternative and quirky nights out in London that could spice up your Christmas.

Puzzle rooms unlocked: a newbie’s puzzle room perspective

Puzzle rooms unlocked: a newbie’s puzzle room perspective

Puzzle rooms are a relatively new concept to some, so based on our experience and that of some of our first time puzzle room players; we have created a newbie journey of discovery. Basically, read this and you may get an idea of what a live escape room experience is like.

Meet the team: Mystical game host, Leon Simmonds

Meet the team: Mystical game host, Leon Simmonds

Beyond his refreshing biological make-up and talents as an escape room host, Leon is also a magician and immersive performance artist. He’s also one of the masterminds behind ‘Riddles in the Dark’ - playful and entertaining shows that offer an escapist twist. Just like our escape rooms, all of Leon’s exploits playfully quench the thirst of an experience economy and push the boundaries of imagination. That’s enough teasing, grab a spoon and tuck in. After all, Leon loves a good spoon.

Experience Christmas gift ideas in London & Beyond

Experience Christmas gift ideas in London & Beyond

Yes, it’s fun opening presents, but if you really aren’t sure what to buy your friends and family then don’t just nab the first thing that’s vaguely ‘so them’. Instead buy ‘em some new memories to enjoy in 2018 with a Christmas experience gift. Not sure where to start? Well, just as well we’ve done the work for you. Here’s some top Experience Christmas gifts to nab online:

Brighton Escape Rooms: Games that keep on giving for the city

When we launched our first Brighton escape room there was just one other in the city. Now? By our count there are at least 4 Brighton escape rooms with another due to launched at our new Brighton location for Lady Chastity, The World’s End on London Road. Not only that, like the Hollywood marker for escape rooms, rumour has it The Crystal Maze are planning to make their Brighton debut very soon - exciting stuff indeed. We take a look at why the growing number of escape games in Brighton is good news for the city and escape room fans alike.